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October 4, 2017
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We are constantly a lot more than pleased to meet up with the those who utilize our products and to satisfy those thinking about using products.


If you are a Pool pro be sure to come and check us out at our after that Pool and Spa Trade Show.

  • Pool Industry Expo (cake) Monterey, California .
  • International Pool and Salon Expo.
  • Atlantic City Show-TBA
  • Florida Children's Pool Show, Orlando FL
  • Texas Show -TBA
  • Western Pool and Spa Show Long Beach, Ca.

Where am I able to contact you?


Tel (707) 566 0400

In which can I (the pool professional) get a PoolCleaner or PoolCleaner components?
  • At most major vendors: United states Pool Supply, Cloud Supply, Coast Pump, Gorman, GPS (General Pool and salon provide), Horizon salon and Pool areas, HWP, Keller, Sun Wholsale, SCP, Superior, children's pool provide, PEP (Pool Electrical Products), Optimus and many more.
Where may I get Literature such as for example leaflets, catalogs, CDs Posters, Mail Inserts Etc?

I would like to be on your prefered vendor list in order to send myself consumers.


Listed here are just a couple quotes from our friends when you look at the share business:

  • " We’ve marketed all of them, however the Pool Cleaner is the better because our consumers like it! It willn’t get caught on primary empties, ladders or perhaps in sides. It works on all pool finishes and it cleans the complete share. It will be the most dependable cleanser. And, naturally, we make use of it in most of your very own swimming pools!"
    The Pool Doctor
    Cape Coral FL
  • " -It's a wunderkind cleaner !!!
    Your contribution on pool business is huge, however is very under-rated. Every one of your cleansers is the greatest available in its category"
    -Eric Walters
  • " once more thank you for the great product and customer support, you folks are a"
    Tony Conway
    CCC Pool Services Inc.
  • If an image will probably be worth a lot of terms have a gander at this.-Click right here-
  • "we own and service many different labels of share cleaners as well as the PoolCleaner is the greatest automated share cleanser on the market! This Is Actually The just one that I'll suggest and sell”.
Source: www.thepoolcleaner.com
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