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March 20, 2017
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Hi I’m Lauren only at Leslies we’ve been providing the requirements of do it yourself pool proprietors since 1963. we believe that all share owners can look after and keep maintaining their own pool with assistance from experts at Leslies.

Today I’ll be showing you step-by-step simple tips to backwash and clean your DE filter.

The essential elements of your DE Filter are: the stress Gauge, Air Relief Valve, Backwash device, Filter Tank Lid, Manifold and Grids.

Pressure gauge is really very crucial bits of your DE Filter. The stress measure will tell you with regards to’s time to cleanse your filter. Once the measure reads 8 to 10 pounds per square inch across regular starting pressure, your filter must be clean.

Your Air Relief Valve is employed to allow atmosphere and liquid out from the filter container by turning the valve within one path both liquid and air will pass through the orifice.

The event of grids is always to hold the DE. They act as a screen to fully capture dirt, debris and other particles. The quantity of grids, shape and magnificence differ by maker.

The manifold gathers all liquid after it passes through grids. It sits directly atop the grids and holds them together into the filter.

You ought to clean your DE filter at least once every month or when you are pounds per square inches is 8 to 10 weight above the normal launching pressure. Cleaning your DE Filter requires three standard measures: Backwashing, washing the manifold and grid and incorporating brand-new DE.

The first step in cleansing your DE is backwash. Backwashing will clean out all the soil and debris as part of your DE Filter. Position the filter device into the backwash place, then begin your share pump. As soon as the water coming out of your release hose pipe is clear, shut-off the pump and return the device to its regular position.

After Backwashing ensure your pump is off after that start the air relief device and remove the strain connect allowing the water from the filter container to strain. Today open the DE filter by releasing the clamp round the container or undoing the bolts. This may rely on the type of your DE filter. After you have exposed the container get rid of the manifold and sign up for each grid. Making use of a garden hose eliminate all of the DE from the filter grids. After that use the hose pipe to wash the rest of the container.

After washing the DE from the grids place them in the manifold in the filter. When you've got washed and place right back the grids you will need to lubricate the ring inside the tank.

Today we’re willing to add DE back to the filter. Begin by priming your share pump. Get rid of the strainer basket cover and fill the container with water permitting some water to run through the incoming range. Lubricate the O-Ring or gasket in pump cover with Leslies Pool & salon lubricant after that replace the top and tighten any other clamps or bolts on pump.

Launch all-excess air from the tank by-turning air relief valve. Now switch on the share pump. Near the atmosphere relief device whenever water starts to come-out. Make sure your pump is running before you begin adding DE. Determining simply how much DE you are going to importance of your filter involves a simple calculation.

Your DE Filter is either 24, 36, 48 or 60 sqft. That size should always be mentioned in your filter or in your filter’s instruction manual. Today, make the square video footage of filter and divide by 5, that quantity equals exactly how many scoops of DE you should add. DE plus the DE information can be bought from your nearest Leslies shop.

Combine the mandatory level of DE along with sufficient liquid which will make a slim creamy mixture. Together with your pump flowing, pour the combination directly into the pool skimmer. The DE will be attracted to the filter and distributed evenly over the grids.

After adding DE, you’re done cleansing your DE filter. Let your pump to run 30 minutes before turning it off. When cleaning your DE filter remember these 3 easy steps.

1. Backwash your filter
2. Cleanse the manifold and DE grids
3. Include brand new DE to your filter.

Fiber Clear is a safe and effective option to DE. It filters better than DE and provides your liquid a polished feel and look. And unlike DE, Fiber Clear is green, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Hopefully this video indicates you the way to backwash and cleanse your DE filter. Our objective only at Leslies would be to make pool attention easy.

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