Cleaning pool filter cartridges

July 6, 2018
What About Swimming Pools?

After 7 years, I've changed my 4 cartridges during my filter (I could went much longer, nevertheless the straps were just starting to break and I figured I had a good run with these cartridges). The replacement cartridges for my Jandy CL340 had been from Unicel® as well as had directions with them that I was thinking had been helpful and in keeping with everything we've been telling folks - note the specific directions for Baquacil/Biguande aswell.

Cartridge Cleaning Guidelines for Chlorine Users

Whenever should a cartridge element be washed?

For swimming pools, clean the cartridge whenever filter canister stress achieves 8 PSI over the preliminary system or new cartridge beginning pressure. For spas, establish a routine cartridge cleaning schedule on the basis of the number of spa use. If Baquacil® is employed as a sanitizer, the filter factor must be washed with Baqua Clean® before any cartridge cleanser can be used (action 4). Please refer to "Cartridge Cleansing Supplement for Baquacil® Users."

What's the process to clean my cartridge?

  1. Remove the cartridge through the filter housing following the maker's instructions.
  2. Use a yard hose pipe with a straight movement nozzle to clean down the filter element. Work through the top down, keeping the nozzle at a 45 level position, and clean all of the pleats with emphasis between pleats.
  3. Rinse until all soil and dirt are gone.
  4. For all spa cartridges and elements used in pools where perspiration, suntan lotions, along with other oils exist, drench the factor for at the least on hour (overnight is best) in (1) a commercial filter solution; or (2) one glass trisodium phosphate (TSP) to five gallons water; or (3) one glass dishwasher detergent to five gallons of liquid.
  5. Rinse the cartridge once again to eliminate natural oils and cleaning solution.
  6. If the filter features a coating of alage, calcium carbonate (residue from calcium hypochlorite), iron, or other minerals, immerse the cartridge in an answer of one part muriatic acid to twenty components water until all bubbling prevents. WARNING: Failure to get rid of all oils and cleansing solution before acid soaking will result in a permanent constraint of water movement and cause untimely cartridge failure.
  7. Rinse the cartridge clean and reassemble housing.

NOTE: Unicel cannot recommend employing diatomaceous earth (DE) with cartridge filters. DE particles will become caught in the body for the news and shorten cartridge life. If desired, a cellulose fiber (synthetic DE) may be used in moderation.

Cartridge Cleansing Supplement for Biguanide Users

Just What can I find out about cleansing my cartridge element easily make use of a biguanide system eg Pleasurable FreeTM or Baquacil®?

Unlike chlorine which oxidizes the germs within the liquid, the active component in biguanide systems, polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), damages the microbial cells. PHMB locates and binds toward bacterial areas, and then attacks the exterior bacterial wall surface. Once this wall surface has been compromised, the inner cell membrane (the cytoplasmic membrane) is destroyed. This destruction enables the cellular items to disperse into their environments in which they've been further broken-down in their elemental parts by a non-chlorine oxidizer such Leisure Time BoostTM or Baqua Shock®.

Additionally, pleasurable BoostTM and Baqua Shock® tend to be moderate coagulants which combine bacterial cells alongside tiny particles inside environment into particles adequate becoming caught by the filter. The resulting deposit is a gray gluey movie on news that may only be eliminated with Pleasurable Filter CleanTM or Baqua Clean®. If trisodium phosphate (TSP) or any TSP kind cleaner can be used ahead of stripping the film, the cleaner as well as the grey movie will combine to make a gum-like compound. When this does occur, the material can not be taken from the media therefore the filter cartridge must certanly be changed.

WARNING: Follow all manufacturer's instructions, warnings and cautions when working with Leisure Time FreeTM or Baquacil® items.

Leisure Time® and Free time FreeTM tend to be signed up trademarks of Advantis Technologies, Inc.

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