How to clean a pool sand filter?

July 31, 2018 - How to change

Performing an annual cleansing maintenance of a swimming share sand filter helps to keep the share in good shape for quite some time. The sort of sand found in the pool filter is a specialized style of sand which is apparently unpurified, harsh and razor-sharp. A sand filter is square-shaped large container manufactured from fiberglass containing this specialized sorts of sand.

What Happens During the Filtering Procedure?

The dirty water coming from the pool gets in the inlet pipeline for the filter. The filter’s inlet pipeline links towards the water distribution head found in the inside for the tank. Multiple to this procedure is the small sand particles getting on soil along with other dirt as liquid is hurried down through the sand. Within the tank, water that had purification moves through pick-up unit and additional off to the outlet pipeline.

There are many different manufacturers of sand filter cleaners in the market. One particular producer could be the Strip Kwik by BioGuard. For degreaser, you have the business labeled as energy Blue. There is good results to using these two companies. Just what the filter cleansers do is washing out natural oils and creams built up when you look at the sand that may not be washed out by typical washing.

Action 1-Prepare the children's pool for Clean-up

The very first thing that you need to do should turn off the swimming pool pump. The handle of this sand filter should then be moved to the backwash place after that clear your whole container associated with the sand filter cleaner into the skimmer that is found next to the children's pool. Turn the pump on instantly for a few 5-10 moments. The purpose of that is to permit the cleaner to move through the skimmer basket to go through the pump associated with share last but not least in to the filter before becoming washed out.

Action 2-Sand Filter

The second procedure is actually for the pool pump become turned off again with the handle becoming relocated to the closed place for the sand filter. Hold only at that position for some hours.

Step 3-Settling the Sand

At around 2-3 hours after having done step two, move the handle of the sand filter to backwash and switch on the swimming pool pump on once again. Have the backwash working before the liquid becomes clear. There is a sight cup generally in most pools that can be viewed to understand backwashing process. This should be need around five full minutes. If this is achieved, it is time to change the pump-back to down once more then move the handle to rinse. The pump associated with pool ought to be switched on for 30 seconds allow the sand sleep to stay in filter.

Action 4-Return to normalcy Purpose

The final procedure is actually for the pump to-be turned-off once again. Go the handle towards the filter mode therefore the pump should be turned-back on. At this time, the sand filter is totally cleansed and water is prepared for use.

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