Plumbing a pool pump and filter

July 12, 2017
Booster Pump Pool Cleaner

Make use of our Jandy share plumbing layouts to visualize the way the water is pumped through the pool under vacuum cleaner then pumped through filter and heater, and back to the share, under some pressure. These pool plumbing programs may helpful for share plumbing system restorations, where you might change all aboveground plumbing work, along with new share equipment.

Jandy valves revolutionized pool plumbing work, making it an easy task to get a handle on two pipelines with one valve. Make use of these test Jandy valve configurations to plan your own personal share plumbing work design making use of 3-way valves to restore ball valves or gate valves.

Jandy valves could be automatically turned with the use of the Jandy Valve Actuator, which links to a Jandy pool controller system, for remote or planned procedure of the spa, heater or water features, cleaners or pool lighting.

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Fundamental Pool & Spa Mix Plumbing Diagram

fundamental Pool & salon fusion Plumbing Diagram
  • 4 Jandy 3 means valves
  • 1 Jandy 2 method device
  • 1 Jandy Check Always device
  • 2 Jandy Valve Actuators

Common share plumbing work design for pool/ spa combo design with provided pool & spa heater and controller.

Fundamental Pool or Salon Just Plumbing Diagram

  • 2 Jandy 3 means valves
  • 2 Jandy Check Always device

Common pool or spa just plumbing design, for two skimmers and one primary strain, with solitary return line.

Non-Booster Pump Pool Cleaner Plumbing Diagram

  • Jandy 3 means valves
  • 2 Jandy 2 means valve
  • 3 Jandy Valve Actuators

Typical pool plumbing layout the share / spa combo design with a Jandy Ray-Vac kind cleaner line, or Polaris 360 cleaner.

Booster Pump Cleaner Pool & Spa Plumbing Diagram

Common pool plumbing layout the share / spa combination design with booster pump cleaner line, drawing off pool return line.

Solar Power Pool Plumbing Diagram

  • 3 Jandy 3 means valves

Common pool plumbing work layout when it comes to pool / spa combo design with solar heat. With provided share & spa heater and controllers.

Liquid Fall Pool & Salon Plumbing Diagram

  • 5 Jandy 3 method valves

Typical pool plumbing work design the pool / spa combination design with water fall or water feature. With shared pool & spa heater and controllers.

Two Pump Solitary Heater Pool & Salon Plumbing Diagram

  • 4 Jandy Check valve

Common share plumbing work design for 2 split systems (share and spa) sharing similar heater.

Pool and salon blend with Ozone and Chemical Feeder

Common share plumbing system layout for in-line Feeder with bypass Venturi, and bypass Feeder with in-line Venturi.

Pool and Spa blend with separate Jet Pump

Common pool plumbing design for the share / spa combination design with split jet pump . for spa jets or for water features.

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