Clean pool pump

April 2, 2018
Fix pump shaftseal

Turn fully off pool cleaner pump and share heater. If the heater was in operation you need to wait 5-10 moments for the heater to cool off before turning from the share pump.

Close skimmer and primary strain valves.

In the event that share pump is situated below the water-level in share, then change the filter valve to "shut".

Pull pump cover.

Use a garden hose pipe to wash the basket. Baskets come to be brittle in the long run and can break easily. It's easiest to completely clean a basket if the contents are allowed to totally dry. Having a spare pump container to rotate because of the dirty basket is the easiest method to do this.

Inspect the pump basket for signs of damage and swap container if required.

Re-install pump container. Some baskets will twist-lock set up. Never over-tighten the container.

Inspect pump top and o-ring for cracks or damage and lubricate pump lid o-ring with petroleum ointment if it seems dried out.

Install pump top and o-ring. Usually do not over-tighten.

Be sure filter device is in the "filter" place.

Open up the key drain device right.

Open the atmosphere relief valve in the pool filter.

Turn pool pump on.

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