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April 1, 2017
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Require solution or have actually a technical concern?

If you want assistance with your heater, have a problem to report or want to check always warranty status of the device, be sure to contact us.

The heat pump service number is detailed right on the front of any device. Every single heater includes a certification that includes its special serial quantity and now we'll ask for that serial quantity, because it identifies your own personal product. We are going to know exactly the afternoon and time that certain unit ended up being made and certainly will assist you with any queries.

We only at Poolheatpumps.com understand you'll find nothing even worse than a cold pool since your heater isn't working. Like any other mechanical or electronic device, one day things are getting effortlessly, and also the following day one thing appears not correct. What exactly can you do when in the uncommon event which you start your heater and you do not think it's working correctly? Do not panic due to the fact option may be very easy.

We at Pool Heat Pumps.com want you to contact us should you believe anything is certainly going haywire together with your heat pump. Because of this, we can log it making certain you're taken care of promptly. We now have some know how on what to have a look at. Be it valves that are caught closed but look available, liquid circulation issues like a dirty share filter/ pump basket, environment leakages in pool pipes or a water pump impeller blocked with pine needles an such like. When we cannot assist you to, we will enable you to get touching the factory representative who will be accountable for your heater doing work in a timely manner. Kindly have some persistence with this. The industrial facilities are shut in the weekends, so the first we can get in touch for all of them is on Monday. Should you not have a reply in 24-36 hours, contact us again, and we'll rattle the factories cage so to speak while making all of them work on yours and ours part!

One way to make sure that your heat pump is working properly is always to determine that the unit is discharging cool environment when it's on home heating pattern. This cooler air making the top the heater are going to be around 5 to 10 degrees significantly less than air going through the edges. That is a sure indication the heat pump is providing heat into the share.

Another reason for concern is condensation. Lots of people genuinely believe that product is "leaking" when in actuality its condensation. Should you choose believe you have a leak, turn off the warmth pump and still run the water through it. The condensation should vanish. It is possible to touch the water across the heater with a chlorine test strip. It's a reaction then your heater is leaking pool liquid. When there is no reaction then it is rainfall or condensation water.

If you have explanation to think that your particular heater is certainly not operating properly, review the things that make a heat pump maybe not work are:

1) low-water flow. This is the #1 issue when it comes to temperature pump not working. Make sure the valves tend to be open together with temperature pump is getting proper water flow. Make sure the filter happens to be cleaned/backwashed. A dirty filter can severely hamper liquid circulation

2) minimal ambient atmosphere temps. Trying to run heat pump if it is well below 50 degrees will simply trigger stress. Hold back until background temps reach above 50 levels prior to trying to begin the heat pump.

3) No power. Make the certain the breaker has not yet tripped. You might also have faulty wiring or an unhealthy connection. You will need an authorized electrician to inform you for certain. The factory will likely not buy something telephone call when you have a poor circuit breaker or low-water circulation.

4) may be the thermostat ready also low? Make certain it's greater than the specific pool liquid!

5) Low Freon pressure: This error rule occurs most when it is also cool outside to warm.

5) tall Freon force: This error signal occurs most of the time if you find low-water flow and there is not enough water-flowing through the heater to get rid of the warmth through the temperature exchanger. It could also be a bad water device that looks available it is truly shut within the pipeline.

6) The unit is covered in ice: It is whenever environment is UNDER 50 or lower based humidity that heat pumps have an icing problem should they don't possess an energetic hot freon gas defrost.

To be able to take heat from the atmosphere, the refrigerant in the temperature pump's evaporator tubes must certanly be about 10 to 15°F COOLER AS COMPARED TO AIR therefore at about 42 to virtually 50°F (5°C) atmosphere heat the warmth pumps outside coil is approaching 32°F (FREEZING-0°C) and any dampness in the air will begin to FREEZE in the coil and ice it up.

Icing blockages the tiny fins, insulates the tubes and prevents ventilation all of these seriously lower the efficiency. If plenty of ice is allowed to establish it takes quite a long time to thaw down and melt.

Temperature Pumps are designed to turn off if the air causes icing and immediately resume when it is safe once again once the air heat covers 50°F. In swimming weather condition, this off period is not more than a few hours inside spring or fall. This will haven't any significant effect on your water heat.

When you have evaluated the troubleshooting guide above along with your heater is not working properly and you need help with your heater kindly e mail us.

Manufacturer Troubleshooting Guide

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