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August 19, 2016
Edwards Pools - Inground and

We install preceding surface pools within Northern Massachusetts. Whether you already went and bought a pool kit, or if you’re thinking about purchasing a share, we'll deal with your above surface pool installation, even simply part of the installation available if you like.

We're going to only be setting up swimming pools we now have sold about until after July 4th 2016.

The true Cost of Above Ground Pool Installation

Our installation prices are all inclusive, indicating your website work / garden leveling is roofed utilizing the installation and building of your new share. We install pools for residents, and for share shops.

What’s Not contained in Our On The Web Rates

  • Pool Electrician / electric solutions (Including digging trench)
  • Price of Permits (Homeowners duty)
  • Trucking Away Sod Removed For Leveling (If Required)

Back 2006 share sales started initially to fall, a few of the share shops made contractors drop their costs by 10-20%. If you performedn’t drop your prices, they would maybe not add you among their particular contractors. If this happened, numerous pool set up organizations discovered other ways to pad the set up price. So if you get a listing and call the best cost installer, they will you will need to cause you to buy the dig by suggesting your lawn would be to out-of level or discover another way to provide you with exactly what you buy. (less sand, less expensive liner, etc…)

In order for united states to keep powerful and viable as an organization, we started attempting to sell pools ourselves. It has proved extremely gratifying, even as we have grown much more separate. We are happier selling and installing our personal advanced pools.

Installation Objectives

So we decided to operate collectively for the shared benefit, along with gotten a license for the building of the brand-new share from the local building inspector. Perhaps you are wondering what goes on after that or the length of time it may need through to the job is completed. We are going to naturally have an installation deadline regarding the contract, nevertheless the following describes the typical task routine.

  1. The first thing that happens may be the dig. We eliminate the sod, and also the picture is leveled. Seldom does the share get built exactly the same day. We'll either make the sod, or we shall use it your home as per previously directed.
  2. Next the share base /sand will arrive. It's going to generally be left at the conclusion of your driveway on a tarp. Closer to the house as compared to road. It would likely occur the same day.
  3. Your share system and lining can come next, or arrive your day of the installation.
  4. Your pool would be built, and usually your lining is going to be set up the exact same day. If you have foul-weather, we might come back to put in the lining.
  5. Finally, your skimmer is put in with all the filter gear and pump. This usually takes place the day after the liner is put in, to give the pool time and energy to fill-up with water additionally the liner setting properly.
  6. When you have a border fence, we will install that after the share is wholly filled.

The entire procedure takes 3 to 9 times. If we tend to be delayed by rain, your set up may not continue on the second offered work day, however it is going to be done as soon as possible and in the due date in your agreement. We do our best to keep in touch with you through the entire process. If we were not regarded you by a pal, or have not caused us in past times, be sure to attempt to have some trust. We're conscientious and prove this on every work we do.

Right here now in 2014 we've been endowed to acquire another unbelievably talented above ground pool installer (Greg), who will be leading a team and helping us to cultivate. Greg can also be very comprehensive, and has now more knowledge than i really do (building above ground pools).

Pool Size


18′ R


30′ Roentgen


21′ R


15′ x 24′ Oval


24′ Roentgen


15′ x 30′ Oval


27′ Roentgen


18′ x 33′ Oval


We really wish you decide on us- to assist you arrange for, get, and put in your brand-new preceding floor pool. We shall do everything inside our capacity to create your experience a good one. Please call with any questions (978) 710-8667 or go to

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