Above ground pool wall repair kit

September 24, 2018
Repair or replace your

Step 1. see whether your pool has actually a bead receiver

Check always under the top rail of your share to determine should your pool has actually a bead receiver.

When your share cannot have a bead receiver
you are likely shopping for an overlap lining.

Step 2. Determine which type of lining bead suits your share

There are a few bead types that can use several share installations,
but having your equipment examined initially is essential when selecting a liner bead.

Bead Compatibilty Chart

Bead Kind Traditional Swimming Pools Kayak®/
J-Hook Bead
Kayak® / Fanta-Sea™ Bead
Esther Williams/
Johnny Weismeuller Bead
Wilkes Bead

Bead Types In Detail

The Standard Bead is made to put on a standard lining bead track, which lines the top your pool wall.

Other Compatible Bead Types:

  • EZ Bead (Hook Part)
  • Duobead (Collapsed)

Similar to the traditional Bead, the Kayak® bead is made for Kayak® pools just, and will only squeeze into the standard Kayak® bead reciever.

Various other Compatible Bead Types: none

J-Hook (also known as J-Bead and U-Bead) is a lining bead which can be used as is, without bead reciever. To put in, just hangover your pool wall's edge, and it will hold-up without any extra equipment needed.

Other Compatible Bead kinds:

4. EZ-Bead

The EZ-Bead bead kind is two beads in one single; you can use it as either a regular bead that fastens into a bead receiver from the share wall surface or as a J-hook used 'as its' - hanging on the pool wall surface. There's no necessity to change the bead to utilize either of the installation practices.

5. DuoBead

The DuoBead lining bead has two different methods where you can use it: Folded or Unfolded.

Folded: in this manner, a DouBead acts a typical bead that fastens into a bead receiver on share wall.

Unfolded: The DuoBead functions as a J-hook / U-bead liner that hangs on wall it self, calling for no extra materials for installation.

The Unibead bead is truly both a J-hook & standard bead. To use as a J-hook simply slip bead over share wall surface. To make use of as a typical bead the hook portion is taken away within rating mark (groove) leaving just the standard bead which clips to the groove in the bead receiver.

Hook Alternatives:

  • Duobead (Unfolded)

7. Wilkes Bead

The Wilkes Bead is a certain bead meant limited to Wilkes® brand name swimming pools. Realize that it resembles a J-hook, only much smaller.

Options: nothing

The Esther Williams Bead is a rather particular bead only to be used for Esther Williams® or Johnny Weismeuller® pools. This is certainly a bigger, thicker beads that will not fit into standard bead receiver tracks.

Source: www.poolsupplies.com
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