Benefits of Above Ground Pools

November 23, 2020
Intex 24 x 12 x 4.3 Foot Ultra

If you have any doubts about owning an above ground swimming pool, you have to know that today these little pools have as many benefits as inground ones. It is worth to mention that for some people an above ground pool becomes the best option. An inground pool, such as Intex Ultra Frame Pool, will provide you with the same fun and experience as the larger inground one. Furthermore, it requires much less maintenance and is more affordable. Here are top benefits of above ground pools.

  1. It Saves Money

    One of the main benefits of an above ground pool is its cost. Owning one will allow you to save up to thousands of dollars a year. The thing is that smaller pools require fewer chemicals, maintenance equipment and other things needed to keep it in shape. When it comes to water heaters, an above ground swimming pool will allow you to enjoy warm water and save energy.

  2. Great Features

    Though above ground pools are usually smaller than inground ones, most of the people believe that they will not be able to use all the cool features that make a pool perfect for use. The truth is that above ground swimming pools are equipped with nearly the same features as inground ones, including diving boards, water fountains, and even waterfalls.

  3. They are easy to install

    An above ground pool will provide you with a fast and easy installation. In comparison to an inground pool that requires digging a large hole in the ground and spending thousands of dollars to construct it, it will take you just a day to install an above ground pool. Furthermore, you will be able to install it by yourself without a need to spend money to hire professionals.

  4. It is safe

    Usually, above ground swimming pools provide more protection than inground ones. So if you have some pets or children, such pools will provide you with more safety. Nevertheless, you can add some extra protection such as a fence with a latched gate. Furthermore, you can cover your pool when it is not in use.

  5. Less Maintenance

    Though you will need the same equipment as for inground swimming pool maintenance, a smaller swimming pool requires less chemicals and less energy for pump, filter and other equipment. Furthermore, there is an option of using ultraviolet disinfection system that will provide you with the same great sanitizing power as for the larger models, so you will be able to enjoy crystal clear and clean waters every day.

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