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March 18, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - an apparent prank at First Coast high-school caused a buzz on social networking this week due to the racist tone.

Some one uploaded handwritten indications over a couple of water fountains at the school, labeling one “whites just” while the other “colored.”

Outraged parents and students took to Facebook to vent towards signs, that they said were posted the day after Election Day. Quite a few said they've never ever seen such a thing like this during the senior high school, and so they believe the election stirred within the incident.

A Duval County School District spokeswoman stated the college will explore the event when college resumes Monday.

Students informed News4Jax they think another student posted the notes.

Kendall Jackson, a junior basketball player at First Coast tall, stated he was kept speechless as he found the signs.

“I became worried because I accustomed see that things back the day, and I was enjoy it's actually returning, ” Jackson stated.

He said typically he and teammate Armaun Harrison understand what doing when faced with opposition. Nonetheless they struggled when they saw the signs.

“I've been going there for four years rather than had this particular problem, so it's like, 'have always been I safe still?'” Harrison asked.

The area spokeswoman stated college staff members instantly removed the notes when they were taken to their interest.

"The signs put on the surface of the fountains tend to be completely unsatisfactory and will not be accepted by our school district, " Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti stated in a declaration. "we're examining the matter to ascertain who is behind the action to give the correct discipline and counseling."

Source: www.clickorlando.com
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