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January 2, 2020
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Total:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Construction:Grounds:Office team:I would like to begin by making clear there are not any gangs and even crimes in this neighborhood. In the event that you consider some one walking their dog a crime or somebody throwing their rubbish out through the night a gangmember after that ok because it is calm, quiet and a joy to call home here. Repair is on point all the time. The office staff particularly the present renting girls tend to be SUPERB! WOW! speak about customer service. The property is often held clean. Oh, the gates are often working in contrast to the very last destination I existed at. Even my next-door neighbors are friendly. Living here's a blessing and I suggest everybody to generally share the exact same experience.

perhaps there is not "gang" task, but there clearly was certainly crime. My vehicle was broken into not as soon as BUT TWICE! in a 2 yr period of time! I read another analysis nevertheless a similar thing. Their automobile was broken into twice! I watched a guy hit a car or truck and speed down at 2 am in a drunken stupor. I acquired his tag and reported him though. Additionally the gates were ALWAYS broken! USUALLY ALWAYS- not that it really mattered in my opinion however if you will record that as a perk, chances are they must be working. Any office staff, especially myrna, had been constantly wonderful! The grounds were BEAUTIFUL! Repair was great! they certainly were also GREAT on providing back once again my deposit even though I AM AWARE my puppy had left some pretty bad stains. But in basic terms, I didn't feel safe there.

I assume the leasing company has not perfected the skill of subtlety. LOL. To examine the crime statistics when it comes to Lee Vista area, contact the files department of OPD. See yourself.

Whenever I existed indeed there in 2006, the staff ended up being brand new and never very useful, the acct woman was great. The main one bed room apartment had mold growing under the paint therefore the walls were really slim. One day I became looking at the ducks out my display screen home and saw a “rat” I would personally state the thing which was great about living there clearly was the Mexican cleansing lady... friendly and prepared to help.. There Are Some Other flats up the hillâ€. get truth be told there!

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