Leslie pool filter sand

April 7, 2017
Leslies pool filter sand

7028BOf the three types of filters, a sand filter may be the easiest to wash on a routine basis. Rather than manually washing the system as if you do with a cartridge filter, you employ water from your own share to rinse most of the dust and debris out from the filter. That water is then discharged through your backwash hose pipe to a location that you choose. This is your lawn or another section of your garden. Eliminate backwashing to the road or any other drainage area. Often, your town has regulations stopping this. If you do not need backwash to your yard, you'll phone your town plus they can provide information where it is acceptable to backwash to.

“How frequently do I need to backwash?” is a normal question requested in Leslie’s locations. A good rule of thumb is to backwash once the presyes displayed on your pressure gauge is 8-10 psi over the starting level. Also, backwashing after cleaning from a large storm, killing an algae bloom, or whenever wanting to treat cloudy liquid will keep your filter working efficiently.

Backwashing your sand filter is a very simple procedure. All sand filters utilize the exact same concept to backwash, but many have actually setups that vary because of another producer or design. Here measures will require you through just how to backwash your Sand Filter.

  1. Shut the device down. This should become instance whenever using just about any pool equipment.
  2. Unwind your backwash hose pipe, making sure its firmly clamped towards the liquid outlet.
  3. Once the hose pipe is laid down, come back to your equipment and locate your backwash device. Many methods have a “Push-Pull” handle. When the handle is in either place, the water will often move usually throughout your gear or circulation out of your backwash hose. Labels on your backwash valve will routinely have information on which position your device has to be set for backwashing. If there are no stickers, look in product paperwork or take a picture associated with setup and show a nearby Leslie’s pro.

LESL_BLOG_store_locatorNote Some methods have actually multi-port valves as opposed to “push-pull” valves. Guidelines about how to set the device up for backwashing can either be found in the device it self or perhaps in item documentation.

  1. With the system nonetheless off, move the backwash device handle into the backwashing position and secure the handle positioned.
  2. Utilizing the handle locked when you look at the backwash place, switch on your system. You need to start to rapidly see water flowing through the backwash hose.
  3. Resume backwashing for approximately 3 minutes or before liquid appears clear. When examining the water flowing out from the hose pipe, you may notice it looking dirty. Here is the dirt and debris being taken out of the sand in the filter.
  4. Turn fully off the device to quit backwashing.
  5. Roll-up the hose pipe, eliminating extra liquid which left from backwashing.
  6. Return the backwash device handle to its typical position enabling water to move throughout your system and secure it in place.
  7. Turn the machine on and open air relief valve near the top of your filter. Leave this open until liquid is consistently hitting theaters, then close the valve.
  8. Shut-off the system.
Source: www.lesliespool.com
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