Golf Course in Lake Worth, Florida

October 13, 2021
The Beach Club

CaptureThe yearly Membership begins the time you buy and concludes one-year through the purchase date. There are numerous categories for both residents (within the City of Lake Worth boundaries) and for non-residents. Proofs of residency must be eligible for the citizen price for yearly Memberships try not to consist of taxes.

  • Citizen of City of Lake Worth (pay member cost per round) $970.00
  • Non Resident Dues (pay user cost per round) $1, 400.00
  • Citizen Unlimited Dues $2, 575.00
  • Non-resident Unlimited Dues $3, 038.00
  • Resident Walking Just Dues $1, 325.00
  • Non-resident Walking Dues $1, 725.00
  • Junior Golf associate (17 years or younger) .00
  • Summer Membership (May 1 – September 30) (spend $20 cart charge per round) $400.00
  • Seasonal Resident Dues (pay member fee per round) $950.00
  • Non Resident Seasonal Dues (pay member fee per round) $950.00

Member Fee- (income tax included) $20.00
Yearly Trail Fee Dues $1450.00
Trail Fee with Partner Dues $2150.00
Yearly Locker Fee .00
Annual Bag Space $75.00

** After products can be found upon approval of services Manager**

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