Pool Cleaners, San Diego

August 19, 2022
Jackie L
North Park, CA 92177

(858) 272-5725

Always punctually and perform the job appropriate. The pool had been built in 1969 in addition they keep it searching and running great.

The dependability 's we've Pacific Chem solution our pool. Each week I kniw my share can look amazing. Their particular choices for prices and solutions had been another welcome modification feom our last costly inconsistent share service. These people were recommended by a buddy who has got utilized all of them for years and I have previously referree 2 other friends.

Cleanest our share features ever before been! Pacific chemical great solution, great price, and truthful. Our share guy, Hal, always will leave an email! He replaced our share sweep with a loaner free of charge as soon as we were on a break whenever ours broke. We've had a number of pool solution organizations over the years and Pacific Chemical is by far the most effective. Highly recommend. Patrick Turner

I am an individual for around 36 months now. Pacific Chemical is quite dependable & affordable!

Dependable, reasonably priced, and happy to advise on certain pool problems, beyond simply cleansing.

We have obtained great solution for the years i have been a customer, and possess called several my buddies. I strongly recommend Pacific Chemical!

I simply purchased a home and have now had these guys for four weeks I became assume becoming having to pay 88 bucks monthly then received a bill for 213 bucks for things I happened to be never ever told I would personally have to pay for and then was told from the phone to get some one that dose it for free will never suggest

Pacific Chemical is such a trusted, truthful company. They arrive on time and do a fantastic job. I definitely suggest them for you personally share needs.

Great pool service. These are generally professional and reasonable. The share company constantly arrives at the same time frame each week, and our share never checked better. We recommend this business.

Pacific Chemical Pool Service has-been servicing our pool for per year now. These are the most readily useful service I have had in the fifteen years We have possessed a pool. These are typically constantly punctually and extremely professional. I would recommend this provider to whoever is the owner of a pool

This share service company is definitely best I've previously made use of. Their prices are practically ridiculously low, (only $47.50 a month for regular service), the staff are particularly friendly, plus they never try to sell you on items that aren't required. They are constantly punctually, and they're animal friendly. I would recommend the corporation to anyone who has a pool.

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