Best way to clean pool cartridge filters

February 6, 2017

7029BOne advantage of having a cartridge filter could be the not enough continuous maintenance it needs. Unlike a sand filter that should be backwashed numerous times monthly, a cartridge filter just has to be washed a few times each year. If at all possible, if you clean your filter at the least four times per year, the life span associated with the cartridge elements are going to be extended.

Whenever a cartridge filter has to be cleansed, it may be a tiresome procedure. The steps tend to be quick, however it usually takes considerable time to clean it precisely.

The following measures demonstrate not merely how-to cleanse your cartridge filter, but how to clean it effectively.

  1. Close the machine down. This will be the instance whenever using any share gear.
  2. Very first things initially. You’ll wish to bleed air gradually from the filter by-turning the atmosphere relief valve, typically at the top of your filter. After that, take away the clamp that keeps your filter collectively. Various companies might have various components, but in either case, it requires to be eliminated. Documentation that accompany your filter will teach you how-to correctly remove it. If it documents just isn't offered, you can easily just take a photo of system and show it to a Leslie’s professional at a local shop.
  3. Once the clamp is taken away, very carefully take off the utmost effective area of your cartridge filter to reveal the cartridge elements inside.
  4. There might be some part keeping these cartridges in place, nevertheless the particular create will be different by brand and model. Should this be current, it needs to be removed before you take your cartridge elements away. Again, if you are not sure just how to pull this, relate to the product documentation or ask a Leslie’s expert.
  5. Very carefully remove the cartridge elements and set all of them apart. Check always each cartridge for prospective harm that will happen triggered. If you can find any splits in plastic housing or tears within the pleats, it is highly suggested to change the filter cartridge. Also a small tear can reduce steadily the effectiveness of this filter.
  6. Make use of a degreaser like Leslie’s Spray and Rinse Filter Cleaner. Thoroughly layer the cartridge elements, ensuring you also get the product in the middle the pleats. This product can easily be dispersed onto the cartridge. Follow product directions for just how long to keep the product on elements before rinsing it off. Various other items particularly Leslie’s Cartridge Cleaner require you to drench your elements overnight as opposed to spraying the item on it.
  7. Products like the Filter Flosser may be used as an accessory to a garden hose pipe to successfully wash among the pleats in the cartridge element. That is where most dirt and debris is found, it is therefore important to clean this location. A simple garden hose can also be used, utilizing your flash to improve water force.
  8. When your entire cartridge elements tend to be clean, firmly replace all elements and components in proper spot.
  9. Look at the O-ring which in position regarding filter container. If it appears dry-rotted or too flat, it may should be replaced. Bring the O-ring into an area Leslie’s store to test. If for example the O-ring is within very good condition, a light layer of silicone-based lubricant ought to be regularly coat the O-ring.
  10. Securely change the tank cover and tightly close the clamp that keeps it collectively.
  11. Double-check that everything is precisely closed plus place before switching in your system to make certain all things are working correctly.
  12. As soon as your system is operating, open the atmosphere relief device at the top of your filter tank to release any excess air within the system. Keep this open until water consistently sprays out of the device.
  13. When the atmosphere may be out of one's body, observe the filter stress utilising the gauge above the filter (measured in pounds per square inches [PSI]) to ensure it's when you look at the correct range. This range may differ in line with the configuration of system, when you tend to be uncertain exactly what your filter stress is usually at whenever clean, seek the advice of a nearby Leslie’s professional. If PSI appears down, some thing may have been put right back collectively incorrectly or there could be another issue because of the system.
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