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October 23, 2014
Hilton Orlando all pools

With respect to the swimming pools normal evaporation. It's about 1″ to 1-1/2″ each week. Whenever times tend to be cozy and also the evenings cool evaporation are at it's highest. With the ordinary 5 gallon plastic bucket you can easily do this simple test to determine in case your pool is dripping.

  1. Bring pool water on track level.
  2. Fill bucket with pool water to about 1 inch from top.
  3. Place container on first or 2nd step of share.
  4. Mark water level on inside container.
  5. Shut-off pump and level share water level on beyond bucket.
  6. Resume normal pump procedure.
  7. After 24 hours, compare the 2 liquid levels.
    • If the pool water (outside level) falls significantly more than inside water-level, there was most likely a drip.
    • In case there is rain repeat the test.
    • Test is invalid after twenty four hours.

It is best to empty the water from all your pool equipment. Pumps, filters, chlorinators, heating units and solar power panels are all designed with frost plugs or valves to empty the water from them. Working the share pump can protect the apparatus from freezing it is worthless if the power is out.

NO! You shouldn't drain your pool. This really is work for an authorized, experienced and insured professional. Concrete & fiberglass pools can float out from the floor like a giant motorboat. The liners in plastic pools can shrink in just a few a couple of hours.

Because the sunshine attracts chemical compounds from share it's always best to operate your pool pump during hottest period of the time.

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