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November 22, 2020
Aqua Gem by Florida Gem
gem finishes, pool stuccoGEM FINISHES:

Factory blended with the finest quality selected colored quartz aggregates, white portland concrete and proprietary ingredients to enhance strength, density, bonding and curing. A Gem Finish will yield a tough, resilient area highly resistant to spots and spot etching prevalent with standard share plasters. Visibility associated with the aggregate produces a safe, slide resistant surface that attains a compressive power in excess of 3500 psi in twenty four hours and surpasses 7000 psi in 28 days.


For application over brand new gunite or shotcrete substrates, and correctly prepared existing concrete areas. All surfaces should be without international matter including dust, oil, oil, dust, paint, fiberglass, loose material, etc. If an acid wash is employed to rid the substrate of international matter, neutralize with an answer of soda ash and liquid.

If the project is a renovation, Florida Stucco's POOL PREP is an excellent preparation material to be used in conjunction with Gem finishes. Seek advice from our specs with regards to POOL PREP for additional details.

Roughening the share base cement area provides good basis for the mechanical bonding associated with the base to the Gem finish. Formerly done surfaces are made ideal for re-finishing by sandblasting, hydro-blasting, or through the use of acid. Existing plaster should always be chipped away underneath the tile line for 2" - 4", and around return outlets, pool lights, and main empties.


For best results utilization of a typical blending device is advised. Just use clean potable liquid; LIQUID MUST CERTANLY BE PROPERLY MEASURED PER BATCH - UTILIZATION OF A MEASURING PAIL IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. CANNOT combine WATER STRAIGHT TO MIXING MACHINE FROM A HOSE.

Roughly 1.5 to 1.75 gallons of liquid per 80-pound bag can help bring the blend to a lump-free consistency. Allow the combine to agitate within the mixer for 10-12 moments to give you best workability. Gem Finish is a whole product; inclusion of other products is certainly not necessary.


Apply Gem Finish over a cement base that has been dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The pool's walls and floor must be evenly sprayed with water before application to reduce suction. This allows adequate absorption to occur to enable Florida Gem to dry in a natural manner. Gem Finish should be applied to a thickness of 3/8" to ½". Application is best accomplished by mechanics that adhere to the professional standards of the plastering industry.


Based upon prevailing climate conditions, revealing the Gem Finish area can begin soon after complete trowelling. Elimination of surface level cement could be carried out with liquid and a soft bristle brush. Other industry acknowledged practices can be used and.


The share ought to be filled with liquid upon completion of this publicity period. Refer to the nationwide Plaster Council Start-Up Procedures immediately after filling the pool with liquid.


Florida Gem Finish will produce about 23 sqft of material per 80-pound bag.


Gem Finish is packed in 80 lb. heavy-duty, dampness resistant bags.


The product is portland cement based and certainly will cause epidermis or eye discomfort. Any skin or eye experience of this system must be immediately washed with plenty of fresh water. Sporting of a respirator is necessary when dealing with the product. Please review product MSDS for further information.


Do not use a bonding representative inside mixing or application of Gem Finish.


- Florida Gem Finish is created with natural quartz aggregate. Color difference within aggregate deposits is inherent. Aggregate color in Gem finishes can vary from previously gotten material or examples because of this variation.

- Florida Stucco Corp. recommends that maintenance regarding the pool's water chemistry be administered regularly and kept within business tips to make sure beauty, durability and integrity of the plaster area.

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