DIY pool repair

March 22, 2020
Option 2: Blow Dry Your Liner

diy Pool Deck Patch Repair KitLiquid Cement Bonder included!

Pool Patch™ Pool Deck Repair system consists of our premixed pigmented cement topping concrete specifically designed to reduce the discoloring impacts brought on by liquid publicity and direct sunlight. Besides, our Pool Patch™ Pool Deck Repair Kit contains a special acrylic-polymer latex admixture for an excellent bonding to new or current concrete decking. Ideal for large or small share deck area repair works on present or brand-new pool deck places.

Pool Deck Repair Kit comes in these sizes:

  • Covers Appx. 65 Sq. Ft.
    (@ 1/4" dense)


    +$40 delivery
  • Covers Appx. 13 Sq. Ft.
    (@ 1/4" thick)


    +$15 delivery
  • Covers Appx. 4 Sq. Ft.
    (@ 1/4" dense)


    +$10 shipping
  1. Eliminate free share deck product with putty blade or scraper.
  2. Clean repair area with scrub brush using a mixture of 1 part muriatic acid to 3 parts liquid. Enable mixture to expose location 1 minute and rinse down using a water hose.
  3. Utilize damp sponge to get rid of excess liquid from fix area.
  4. Add 2 oz. of LIQUID CEMENT BONDER per 1 1/2 pound. of DRY POOL PATCH DECK MIX.Pool Deck Patch 50lb Repair Kit Add water and combine until a putty consistency is attained.
  5. FOR BREAK REPAIRS use WET POOL PATCH DECK blend into break with putty blade and wipe excess material with damp sponge. Hold sponge clean by rinsing down frequently. Allow restoration area to dry.
  6. FOR SMALL REPAIRS Apply WET POOL PATCH DECK combine with a trowel at 1/4" depth on the fix area. Utilize toothbrush or hands to touch whole restoration location generating little points or raised areas. Remove excess material from edges with sponge.
  7. FOR LARGE REPAIRS apply WET POOL PATCH DECK MIX with a share deck dash brush to the fix area creating small points or raised places. Pull excess product from sides with sponge.
  8. When material becomes partly stiff use trowel to knock down surface flat creating an identical texture to present pool deck. If material becomes to hard to trowel mist repair area with liquid.
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