Pool repair patch

May 17, 2019
Pool Deck Surface Repair

1lb (level 1/4" = 1 sq ft)

3lb (depth 1/4" = 4 sq ft)

10lb (depth 1/4" = 13 sq ft)

50lb (level 1/4" = 65 sq ft)

Colors (S=Stegmeier® Colors, M=Mortex® Colors)


E-Z Patch® 2 Pool Deck fix makes keeping your share deck in top condition simple. Fix pool deck areas like Kooldeck®, simulated flagstone, simulated tile, simulated brick, and much more like a professional. E-Z Patch® 2 Pool Deck Repair is available in 24 various colors. The (S) Sand Buff color is most frequently made use of. This product includes unique acrylic modified materials with pozzolans (siliceous volcanic ash). Allow overnight set before swimming. Liquid Bonder is roofed inside of kit.

Exactly How thick may I use E-Z Patch® 2?

The width must certanly be ¼”. If restoration requires a much deeper repair than ¼”, we recommend filling-in the deeper area initially with E-Z Patch® 2 and permit to dry. After that dampen the area with liquid thereby applying the texture ¼” thick.

Is there anything that I should do special at places being cracked?

Ground movement is usually the basis for cracks. We suggest using E-Z Patch® 24 Elastic break Preventer towards the splits before fixing (or use on the surface for the repair 1/2 time or maybe more after repairing if you are painting the Pool Deck fixes.

Source: www.e-zpatch.com
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