Swimming pool Patches

April 10, 2022
Want to see any patches of

Ranked 3 from 5 by Gary from Pool lining restoration kit user friendly except the glue swab doesn't stay on the lid perfectly. Mine broke off actually fast, must make use of a Popsicle follow complete the job. Seems to be staying in spot, we had a tremendously bad rip.

ranked 4 from 5 by Alie from Fairly easy to use i got myself this when a stray puppy got within share and tore the liner hoping to get down. The plot system was easy to use and has now held to date (used practically per month ago).
Rated 1 out of 5 by susanfinley from this was an awful product - the applicator is v - the applicator is quite poor and bends when using the glue. Your whole area circulated in two months. I have tried personally patches before so I do know just how to do simply will likely not do with this specific product once more.
Rated 5 away from 5 by Dave from Vinyl LIner Patch system this system performed just what it needed seriously to do. I repaired 3 leakages within my share. I did this with 8400 gallons of liquid on it. It works great on all vinyl.
Ranked 5 regarding 5 by Brian B from Great buy Awsome things . It works, also under liquid, My grandkids are glad to really have the share right back
Ranked 1 from 5 by Gary from really disappointed into the product I bought the product to fix holes within my pools vinyl lining. I have tried personally other plastic restoration kits before and so they all had a good durable plastic area product. I thought from past go through the vinyl area material had been a regular thickness. To my surprise the material supplied ended up being slim and thin and got even worse after the plastic adhesive had been used.
Rated 5 out of 5 by whirlygirl from Worked great underwater and never dripping a little. Simple to use
Ranked 3 off 5 by adb1976 from Patch worked! We used the blue plot to correct a 12inch piece within our share. At this stage it worked. We had beenn't yes and still aren't certain just how it's going to endure but, at this stage its holding. Our only complaint usually we believed the blue plastic will be the exact same depth once the share product but, found its blue for cosmetic functions only.
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