How to supplement the pool

April 7, 2022
Swimming pool.jpg

If you are faced with the fact that you have opened a swimming pool, but you want to diversify the rest of the customers, then you can add some details.

You can use seawater to have the feeling of swimming in the sea. You do not need to add chlorine to the water, which in itself is already pleasant and useful for the skin.

You can also equip a small springboard, if the depth allows. But be sure to write down the safety instructions. This can be done on portable display stand.

You can make a multi-level pool and install special deck chairs made of durable plastic of ergonomic shape in a shallow depth.

If you install a pool bubble, then visitors will be very pleased to swim in this place, getting the effect of a jacuzzi.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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