Repair pool liner tear

January 12, 2020
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Draining the pool before a fix causes the liner to shrink and be hard and brittle.Draining the share before a repair trigger the lining to shrink and become tough and brittle.

The vinyl liner in your above-ground pool can rip for a variety of explanations plus it might appear like a monumental task to strain the share and tackle the repair. But happily, no draining is needed. The easiest method to repair a rip is with water nonetheless within the share. Cannot overlook the tear for very long, but. Asap, repair the rip with a vinyl restoration area system this is certainly created for repair works done beneath the liquid.

Match the patch material utilizing the color of your present liner if you should be given the range of white or blue repair material inside kit.

Slice the plot to such that it's 2 ins larger on all sides than the size of the rip. If patch is considerably bigger than the tear, permits adequate surface the glue to pay for the rip and hold.

Slice the area such that it features curved corners. A square side or spot on the area is more likely to rip away or come free from liner.

Clean the region for which you're applying the area with rubbing alcoholic beverages or a mild solvent. Eliminating algae or grime gives the spot a significantly better chance of sticking.

Include the glue within the restoration system to 1 region of the plot after the manufacturer's guidelines. Try this while above the water line. Fold the patch with the glue inside unless you have beside the tear.

Unfold the spot and center it across rip, covering all torn sides. Along with your hands, push the spot from the center on sides to eliminate any environment bubbles before the patch is smooth. Support the plot in position for just one moment.

Things You Needs

  • Vinyl patch restoration kit
  • Scissors
  • Rubbing liquor
  • Rag


  • Check always behind the liner to be sure there isn't an obstruction which may trigger another rip.


  • Hold tough or razor-sharp things such glassware or ladders out of the way of liner.
  • Never use duct tape to repair a pool liner. It cannot endure the extra weight of water inside share and certainly will give way, making the rip bigger and causing even more dilemmas.
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