Pool pop-up up cleaning system

December 26, 2015
As cleaning the pop-up

The newest NEW "Venturi Powered" Cleaning Heads from A&A Manufacturing are a pool owner's fantasy be realized. It's the simplest, ultimate way to take pleasure from a meticulously clean children's pool without barely lifting a finger. Not merely does it clean much more thoroughly and effortlessly than other systems, it saves money and time also! Here Is Just How:

  • The A&A's new G4 cleansing Heads contain effective, nearly invisible units of cleaning heads which can be strategically placed through the entire floor of your share. A&A's system command center directs liquid to your sets of pop-up cleaning minds. Why is the G4 cleansing Heads so special & effective may be the unique Venturi-Powered Head Design. It generates 23% more movement than many other in-floor methods, creating supercharged channels of water that channel soil and dirt to your primary drain and skimmer for fast removal...without any escalation in pump power. Given that's that which we call eco-friendly cleaning!

    With its unprecedented cleansing distance, A&A's G4 cleansing Heads deliver 33percent broader coverage than many other outdated in-floor methods. What this means is fewer cleaning heads are required through the entire share - which means you'll pay less for a method that provides stronger, much more comprehensive, and faster cleaning.

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