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February 1, 2018
Pool cleaner buying guide

Customer’s frequently call us here at PoolSupplyWorld and inquire united states a straightforward question: which share cleaner is suitable for me personally? To resolve this we’ve put together a straightforward guide to make certain you find the most readily useful share cleaner for the share.

Before we could make a suitable item recommendation to your clients we often ask them various simple concerns to determine which cleaner would fit all of them most readily useful. In this specific article, you’ll read about the various pool cleaner types plus the pros and cons of every. After, you’ll solution some standard questions that will help you figure out which share cleaner is the better for you personally.

Here are the three fundamental pool solution types:

Suction-side cleaners put on the suction line of your pool’s plumbing system system. They clean using suction power to pull debris from the floor and walls. The unit then sees and build up this debris and passes it through to your skimmer and pool filtration.


  • Cheaper
  • Great for smaller to medium-sized pools
  • Less moving parts


  • Causes additional damage on the pool pump
  • Continuous use of your pool pump to completely clean your share
  • More taxing on the pool filter system

Pressure side cleansers use liquid pressure from a dedicated booster pump and/or pool pump to drive the cleaner around your share and force debris into a filter case where it can be gathered and simply eliminated.

  • Less pool filter and pump maintenance
  • Great for medium to huge swimming pools
  • Numerous readily available replacement components
  • Often needs an extra pump or booster pump

The most famous option and a lot of recommended cleaners are Robotic Pool Cleaners. These cleansers have a self-contained filtration system that doesn’t put any extra use in your current pool gear. Another good thing about having a robotic cleaner is the simplicity of use. Only plug-in the cleaner’s control unit into an outlet, submerge the cleaner underwater, press the power key, and allow the cleaner perform some remainder! Hate cleaning those filthy share walls? Many top end models will clean them for you personally. They clean utilizing suction power to pull dirt from flooring and walls. The machine then accumulates and build up this debris in a self-contained filter. The debris does not move through your skimmer or pool filtration system (which reduces the frequency of cleaning your pool filter).

  • Better cleaning & purification
  • Energy efficient
  • Runs quietly
  • Further warranties
  • Remotes and storage caddy’s readily available
  • Higher costs
  • Having to pull and put the cleaner from share when needed
  • May be excessive for your dimensions pool

Therefore now that you understand the professional and disadvantages of the numerous share cleaner types. Which share Cleaner in the event you buy?

Below are a few concerns to inquire of your self before generally making your purchase.

Searching to restore or update?
Just what do you dislike regarding the present cleaner?
What features would you like regarding your existing cleaner?

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