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May 10, 2017
MasterPool TurboClean

turbocellAre you aware it's constantly a good idea to check your Hayward TurboCell for calcium establish before it is placed into procedure? Making calcium build up from the internal TurboCell dishes can actually decrease your TurboCell’s effectiveness at making chlorine and certainly will in the end shorten its lifespan.

For optimum TurboCell operation and much longer life, you really need to check your TurboCell about every a few months of procedure, or 500 hours, and clean the cellular if required. TurboCell cleansing regularity is going to be determined by a few factors such as for instance pH, calcium hardness quantities of your share water and hours of operation. The pH and calcium stiffness levels would be the two factors having the maximum effect on how often your TurboCell will require cleaning. Calcium buildup (or scale), the most typical and really serious difficulties in sodium chlorinated share upkeep, partly because it typically forms initially regarding sodium cellular plates where it may continue to be undetected before the issue improvements. Once scale types, it lessens the effectiveness and expected life for the salt cellular, which could induce premature cell replacement.

Our Hayward Aqua Rite sodium chlorination system, the world’s number 1 sodium chlorinator, features a built-in reminder to inspect and clean the cell every 500 hours. This sodium chlorinator is the convenient replacement for standard chlorine, taking your pool the top in soft, silky water without any more red eyes, itchy epidermis, or harsh smells.

Source: blog.hayward-pool.com
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