Solar pool

June 18, 2021
Back Yard Swimming Pools Best

How to make the pool look different from others? Very simple, you just need to use glitter in bulk. Mix glitter paint, voila, your pool now stands out from the neighboring houses. Rubber paint for the pool on an organic basis, has its original purpose for a special category of customers who are ready to make reliable waterproofing of the pool with their own hands, without the involvement of expensive specialists and the use of expensive, sometimes not always high-quality, specialized materials

The pool surface is composed of iridescent, sparkling particles. As soon as the sunbeam hits the golden surface of the pool, the glitter sparkle like thousands of micromirrors, reflecting and multiplying the heat of the sun's energy.

The color of the coating resembles the sparkling golden color of the famous crystal champagne from the French house Louis Roederer - a drink of luxury. The water in the pool resembles a luxurious sparkling spray of champagne.

Image by adamtepl from Pixabay

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