Fiberglass pool steps repair

May 27, 2019
Replacing tile:

I have an approximately 6" break on a single of my top fiberglass pool tips that gradually allows the water level to drain below the ideal degree for skimmer.

I have found some years of age suggested approaches for repairing it but am interested with all the introduction of items like "flex seal" and similar things when there isn't an improved, much easier, more efficient/effective way of fixing it today. Was wishing some body could possibly offer some insight.

Things I have to think about for this fix:

- the outer lining is dimpled and not level.

- we'll be changing the share to saltwater from chlorine after this fix is within invest situation that may effect just what products to utilize.

- I are now living in midwest USA, winters can be severe, but during the cold winter water amount is far underneath the action utilizing the crack.

Searching for a lasting and effective fix if any person has any ideas to share they would be greatly appreciated. It does not fundamentally must look pretty, only needs to work reliably.

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