Swimming pool lines

December 19, 2021
Entry by Nathalie Rinne

In 2003, Friends of High Line established an open "ideas competitors, " soliciting ideas for changing the then however abandoned and overgrown tall Line into a public room. Your competitors got 720 entries from 36 nations, from people of all walks of life. The purpose of your competition had not been necessarily to get practical or useful design solutions, but alternatively to provoke public discussion about what was best for the tall Line also to make the ultimate collection of a design team an even more innovative process. Entries included a number of fantastical home gardens and also a roller coaster. In July of 2003, the entries had been displayed the public in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall.

The jury selected "winning" proposals they felt, through styles' aspiration and originality, embodied the extraordinary range of options that existed for the tall Line's future. One of several winning entries, by Nathalie Rinne from Austria, envisioned the High Line as a mile-and-a-half long children's pool. Although we can not imagine the job required to maintain a backyard share of the magnitude, even today we however love the concept.

Source: www.thehighline.org
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