Pool Leak Detection and Repair

July 23, 2016
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AquaSafe is a specialist in pool leak recognition and pool leak fix with more than decade of expertise. AquaSafe provides expert share drip recognition services in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, nj-new jersey, and Delaware. We guarantee precision in detecting and fixing all pool leakages.

Pool leaks can be quite discouraging for residential property supervisors and homeowners. A pool drip can lead to really serious problems for surrounding structures. Excessive water caused by a pool drip can disturb the soil underneath the pool deck and will result in the pool deck to collapse. Effective drip recognition and fix comes with information gathering and modern leak recognition. Progressive leak detection is a step by action procedure, in which parts of the filter system plumbing system and pool inside tend to be tested and discover the drip. According to our experience, we recommend hiring a contractor who may have the right expertise and sources to get and fix a leak. AquaSafe is a specialist in pool drip recognition and provides a lot of different leak repair works.

Pressure test

Pressure-testing of all of the individual outlines: Skimmer, primary drain, return, and vacuum outlines. All outlines are pressurized up to 20 PSI. Pressure-testing is conducted to ensure the leak in the underground plumbing work and learn which part of the plumbing the leak is on.

Dye test

Our qualified diver will inspect the entire share interior under water. Dye assessment associated with share interior usually takes about 3 hours depending on the measurements of the pool. Our diver will dye test the share fittings, primary drains, hydrostatic valves, skimmers, and share light niches.

Sonic underground leak area

Sonic underground drip area is performed when the leak on underground plumbing work is confirmed. With sonic high definition equipment we are going to pin point the precise location of the leak. This can minmise the excavation and looking the pool deck or pool shell.

Underground Leak fix

AquaSafe is a specialist in underground leak repairs. If the leak is located in share layer or beneath the share deck we'll find it and repair it.

Skimmer leak fix

Skimmers in many cases are the cause of a dripping pool. Even when the share is properly winterized, extortionate rainfall, snowfall, and reduced temperatures trigger injury to a skimmer body which will need replacing the entire skimmer. Leaks into the skimmer neck will also be common and generally are caused by deteriorated grout round the side of the share therefore the skimmer.

Information Gathering

The first step in successful drip recognition would be to gather information. Before calling Aquasafe, you ought to have answers to the following questions:

What amount of inches of liquid may be the share loosing over a 24 hour period?
Could it be a plastic lining pool or a plaster mercalite pool?
What are the visible splits in the share? Any kind of damp spots across the share deck or just around the pool location, including constantly damp parking lots or wet spots within the grass?
Features there already been any current construction activity?
Does the share have in-floor cleansers, waterfalls, or fountains?
Is the loss of liquid as a result of evaporation or a drip?

Bucket Test

The bucket test is a simple test to find out if dropping water level is a result of the drip or evaporation. Evaporation could cause a drop in water-level as much as 1/4 of an inch in hot and windy areas. To do this test, follow these guidelines:

Fill the share to normalcy level.
Fill a 5 gallon container with water and place it from the actions in to the share.
Mark water degree on pool wall surface with a piece of tape and mark the water amount on the container with another bit of tape.
Wait 24 hours.
Measure the level of water loss in container and compare it toward number of water reduction into the pool.
If water reduction into the share is greater than the water loss in the bucket, this indicates a leak in the children's pool.

Pump On/Pump Off Test

The pump on/ pump off test is completed to provide a hint which area of the plumbing has a drip and if the leak is located on filter piping or perhaps in the structure of this pool. To do this test, follow these instructions:

Measure the amount of liquid reduction if the pool pump is on.
Switch the pump off overnight.
Compare the quantity of liquid loss when the pump is to the total amount of water loss when the pump is on.
If there is a better quantity of liquid reduction because of the pump on than with all the pump off, then your leak is most probably located on the stress side of plumbing work, much more especially, into the share return range.
If there is fewer liquid loss with all the pump on than utilizing the pump off, then the leak is most likely located on the suction side of plumbing, more especially, when you look at the skimmer and main drain.
When there is an equal number of water reduction because of the pump on along with the pump down, then your leak is probably a structural leak, found in the hydrostatic device, pool light markets, pool fitting, or splits inside share.

Pool stress test

AquaSafe will perform a total pressure test of underground plumbing to confirm that the leak is from the underground plumbing work. Each range would be tested individually at 20 PSI.

Pressure-testing is a really some time labor-consuming test. Stress test usually calls for to cut some part of filter plumbing work to put in the pressure examination plugs or even to sidestep filters and motors that may affect evaluating outcomes.

The purchase price for a frequent stress test are between $350 and $1, 800 depending on the size of the share. AquaSafe charges a-flat charge for total service regardless of amount of time spent on the pressure assessment. This gives the client to budget correctly and ensures that the consumer isn't amazed by any extra costs.

Pool Dye Test

Pool interior dye test is performed under liquid by our licensed diver. Our diver will color test all fitting, primary empties, hydrostatic valves, skimmers and pool light niches.
The price for a dye test are between $250 and $750 according to the size of the pool, amount of pool fitted, quantity of share lights, primary drains and hydrostatic valves.

Pool Underground Sonic Leak Detection

In the event that pressure test confirms the leak is situated in the underground plumbing work, our solution technicians will pin point the exact precise location of the leak with our high resolution underground sonic drip recognition equipment.

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