Indoor swimming pool Miami

March 5, 2022
Biltmore Hotel

This will be in reaction on analysis dated November 15, 2012. Our company Gray Dolphin Pools & Construction, Inc., had been contracted to complete a pool remodelling because of this certain client. During the time of our renovation on children's pool there is remodelling being done towards home. This home owner asked for to our organization to accomplish a swimming pool renovation without a permit but our organization is extremely responsible and declined. Meanwhile, the home was being renovated without a permit. Our company is being accused of DEFECATING IN BUCKETS, AND LEAVING THE BACKYARD MESSY. This home owner is accusing our business with no proof as at the time other workers were renovating the home. It is amazing how client's list complaints nevertheless they never talk the facts. If our organization had to hesitate our work it was because of the homeowner becoming late on the website contractual repayments. We perform our work according to repayments made. If payment's are not made timely we'll CERTAINLY end work. Regarding the ladder. Our business changed truth be told there present ladder. When the customer made a complaint we contacted the company for the rust spots. The company visited home and promised your client a Powdered covered Ladder and the customer conformed. It took the producer 5 Months to deliver the ladder. The moment the maker delivered the ladder to the business we instantly delivered and installed. This client spoke to Robert and he informed the ladder had not been under his control as client made an understanding with the maker. That is in react to the review dated June 17, 2008. This Pool's Deck ended up being repaired in 2008. As to the Diamond Brite, "home owners concur that the Plaster isn't guaranteed for evenness of shade and can even not be the actual color expected...The Plaster can become streaked, Blotchy, or have actually a mottled appearance over that the CONTRACTOR does not have any control...Due towards atmospheric conditions(Humidity, temperature, etc.) during plaster, lights and/or dark lines (a marbleized appearance) may appear when you look at the plaster and can even be more pronounced on a cloudy day or during the night using the light in, These problems tend to be beyond the CONTRACTORS control." It is coming from the Manufacturer Company, SGM. Regarding problem the client had, Our business sends the clients Warranty to SGM, which is the Manufacturer, to resolve the problem. Once again, this was handled in 2008. If any person has actually any queries or problems, kindly do not hesitate to contact us to eliminate any issues some one may have. (305) 207- 0606

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