Fiberglass pool repair kits

February 6, 2019
How to Repair a Fiberglass

stick to the producers' directions for many materials used in fixing your pool.Follow the manufacturers' directions for several materials utilized in restoring your share.

Pool repair works tend to be a well known fact of life, especially whilst the pool centuries. Chlorine, debris, changes in weather and hefty use eventually simply take their particular toll on pools. Fiberglass restoration kits, offered by home improvement stores, allow it to be simple and easy which will make minor fixes, including patching little holes.

Drain the share until the gap is above the water line. Dry the damaged portion carefully with towels or let it air-dry.

Sand the hole and surrounding portion of the fiberglass silky with an orbital sander and a medium-grit sanding disk. Use a dry rag to completely pull any sanding dirt.

Put the diamond-edged cutting wheel on orbital sander and slice the gap somewhat beyond its original measurements. Work carefully to obtain a smooth cut with clean outlines. Remove any ensuing dust with a dry cloth.

If opening is little and does not leak liquid, you will not need to use hydraulic cement to patch the pool wall surface. Whether or not it's big enough to leak liquid, mix hydraulic concrete according to the package guidelines and employ a putty blade to carefully decorate it to the opening. Let the concrete to dried out thoroughly.

Utilize a putty knife to make use of the bonding cement from a fiberglass repair system into the hole. Smooth the concrete carefully to accomplish a-flat, uniform surface. Enable the cement to dried out until it is a little tacky.

Prepare the putty from fiberglass restoration system in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Whilst the bonding cement remains quite tacky, make use of the putty blade to utilize an even coat of putty throughout the entire damaged location. Permit the putty to dry entirely.

Sand the patched location smooth because of the orbital sander and medium-grit sanding disk. Wipe away all sanding dirt with a dry cloth.

Paint a level of the gel from fiberglass restoration kit across spot with a little paint roller. Overlap the edges regarding the gap by around 1.5 ins in most direction.

Cut the repair tape from fiberglass restoration kit to a dimensions about 2 inches larger than the fixed place in every direction. Carefully hit the tape to the wet solution coating and straight away protect it with another level of gel. Roll the area thoroughly with all the paint roller to hit away environment bubbles or other flaws. Let the serum to dried out completely, as instructed because of the manufacturer’s directions.

Sand the dried out plot smooth with the orbital sander and medium-grit sanding disk. Wipe away the dust with a dry rag before you apply the sealant from fiberglass repair kit. Enable the sealant to create based on the bundle directions before refilling the pool.

Things You Will Need

  • Orbital sander
  • Medium-grit sanding disc
  • Dry rag
  • Diamond-edged cutting wheel
  • Hydraulic concrete (if needed)
  • Putty knife
  • Fiberglass fix system
  • Little paint roller
  • Scissors


  • This process works for little holes. When you yourself have more considerable harm, contact an expert to possess your pool resurfaced.
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