Marbelite pool plaster

August 18, 2022
Photo courtesy GR pool

Item Name

Item Description

Diamond Clear

A-two part component clear aromatic epoxy (polyacrylate) glaze layer utilized as a sealer/finish top coat for smooth floors applications and other specific utilizes.

Marbelite™ Clear Epoxy A solvent based colorless general purpose two part epoxy layer to seal and waterproof various types of concrete surfaces in which difficult use is expected. Could also be used as a decorative finish on wood, plastic, plaster, report, steel, porcelain surfaces, bar tops, tables, plaques, fabric and stone

Marbelite™ Epoxy
(Water Based)

A-two component gloss white pigmented liquid reducible epoxy layer made use of as a base coat for vinyl processor chip smooth floors methods (DecorChip) and utilized as a finish coating for architectural and commercial programs.
Superior "1000" A solvent based, 100percent acrylic (Non-Yellowing) obvious finish for sealing polymer concrete (Marbelite) textured surfacing, bare concrete, pavers, and masonry.
Stain Seal "500" A rather durable, water reducible latex acrylic finish for use over textured cement (Marbelite) surfacing applications, tangible driveways, walkways, patios and share porches.
Mar-Flex Bonding a specially formulated polymer blend additive that can be included with just about any cementitious combine to produce elongation and mobility.
Fast-Set Break Filler A-two part smooth gel kind fast setting flexible polymer cement break filler formulated for completing repair of cracks and bones in tangible surfaces.
Marbeltard a substance additive retarder to be used with Marbelite Concentrated Polymer Resins to prevent untimely setting regarding the cement mix during severe warm weather circumstances.
Klear-Grip A finely ground transparent aggregate used as an anti-slip (non-skid) element which will be transmitted into finish coats throughout their application. It does not replace the color or perhaps the performance properties for the top coats.
Marbelite™ Polymer Bonding Resin A concentrated polymer resin which is used as a cement modifier whenever mixing Marbelite high power powders to present improved performance qualities associated with mix. It increases the amount of adhesion, flexural, compressive, tensile and scratching when it comes to concrete textured finish.
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