Cleaning felt on pool table

September 7, 2022

The Championship Pool Table Felt Cleaner shall help you keep consitently the playing area constantly clean. This cleaner is made with expert energy to eliminate any kind of dust left on billiard cloth. No significance of brushes, simply just use cleaner as instructed on will and wipe down with a soft fabric. The key to keepin constantly your pool dining table appearing like brand new has arrived. This product is available in a 20oz spray can and contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer. Love a fast cleaning for lots more time for you play with the Championship Felt Cleaner. This system in addition features:

  • Professional power cleansing item
  • Safe, quickly and easy-to-use spray can
  • Removes any sort of dirt from cloth, keeping the playing surface clean
  • Prolongs living of the cloth, while keeping top-level overall performance


Performers predicated on 28 Review(s)

Joe Garcia

Deltona, FL

2 Movie Stars

I utilized this and believed the results had been OK, nothing dazzling. I did the recommended 1'x1' location to avoid color mismatch...Well today I experienced a 1'x1' location mis matching the entire dining table, therefore I finished up doing the entire table. The couple of places remain indeed there, not quite as dark but nonetheless truth be told there.


Diverses Moines, IA

5 Stars

I recommend this item to a pal.

Used this before. Exceptional product, cleans well and failed to damage my fabric. I've tan cloth and some of my buddies utilize blue chalk. We cleanse soon after they leave. Don't allow it emerge. Follow directions and there should not be a problem.



does an excellent work


Gunnison, CO

Cleans well, final sometime also.


La Quinta

It does just what it really is supposed to do. I am happy with my buy.



When the people come over to play, they always review how good the cloth appears. Easy and quick to make use of.





Cracked Bow, OK

3 Movie Stars

I've gold dining table thought therefore the chalk dust from a single night of tournament fool around with 12 entrants left the latest fabric searching beat, i purchased this system dreaming about a miricle and just got a few of the chalk up not as I would anticipate a Professional Strength item would do, but then again I do have silver believed therefore little would help in keeping it clean as I want. A pleasant item just not the performance I happened to be dreaming about.


fort walton coastline, fl

Cleans up spots really, and doesn't discolor the felt.


Dyer, NV

Easiest way to wash Your Dining Table

A rather good directional mist to pay for the cloth. Use a microfiber brush to remove the residue. Use after each and every 2-3 hours of shooting pool, depending on chalk usage.

Jim Youell

Rapid City, SD

works great


Galloway, Nj

4 Movie Stars

Really helps make the experienced appear to be new.

Kevin Singh

Clermont, FL

This is the most effective price I could find for a felt cleaner with that numerous ounces with it. another ones have less ounces in the might but somewhat cheaper but not by much. If only using for example table yourself, after that only buy one. should last a while.


New Orleans, la

Used it after I vacuumed, didn't apparently pull anymore as compared to machine. If u preferr to wipe than vacuum it is ur item.

Edward Brodsky

Villas county WI

I have tried personally various other cleansers but this was the greatest definitely. User-friendly and uses up chalk and leaves the felt in great condition.


sioux falls sd

works great




Here is the most readily useful felt cleaner We have ever utilized. Will purchase again.

Belleville, IL

This is ideal for cleaning the cloth...made the dining table look new...also cost was very nearly half of what the area billiard stor wanted

it arrived punctually I assume it works no various in appearance or play



Great item to help keep your dining table looking brand-new



Have actually attempted it once or twice now and it does an okay work...


United States Of America

Works magically, will continue to make use of.


Bridgeport, CT

Cleaner is effective, must utilize sparely. On a challenging place where more is employed it puckers whenever rubbed, will scare that thinking the felt has actually loosened up. On these tough spots has to dry completely and will felt will shrink back when dry; utilized a blow dryer to hurry it, but would suggest doing at the end of the afternoon for natural drying.

roger vincell

waxahachie texas

1 Performers

chalk off increases results


Chicago, IL

This items works great. Spray in small parts. Perform some following for most readily useful outcomes: Use a share table brush and so the bristles can unwind the chalk from felt. After that wipe the table down with a micro-fiber fabric.


Tampa, FL

Cleansed up a few "grandkid" spots without any issue


LaMesa, CA


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