Patch pool

September 29, 2022
How to Patch an Intex Swimming

At E-Z Patch, a pool & tile restoration offer company situated in the Phoenix location, we constantly make an effort to supply fix and building materials that last longer, look better and so are simpler for you, our clients, to utilize. E-Z Patch utilizes innovative materials to generate our special new products for share industry and our formulas tend to be enhanced as technology improvements.

E-Z Products is a recognised leader of revolutionary items for pool fix and maintenance. Our item continues to push the boundaries of technology, establishing interesting and innovative fix products for share and tile programs. E-Z Patch® repair materials have made a reputation for enduring longer, searching better and being better to utilize than competing services and products.

We make use of innovative products (like quite strong Polymers and Pozzolans) to generate unique new products for the share fix industry. Rigid high quality standards for purity and chemical formulation create an exceptional product you can easily expect. The data to make the best in pool and tile restoration products is caused by our years experience working the with this own crews.


  • "I tried various other products from Puddy to only plaster for underwater repair to fix my plaster rebar corrosion place in addition they all were unsuccessful. Thank-you a great deal for having E-Z Patch readily available. The price is very fair and worth every dime that we invested for this. It appears becoming just what I necessary for this rebar corrosion issue. I didn't need certainly to additionally place E-Z Patch 1 F.S. White Pool Plaster across E-Z Patch 7 Rust Rebar fix while the E-Z Patch 7 grey shade blends in perfect with my white/blue/grayish Marcite finish. Im in addition happy that I did not need deplete the share liquid to do the repair. The pool is only 8 years old and I also in the morning not really contemplating almost any Marcite resurfacing at this point. You can consider me personally a very pleased customer. Many thanks once more for every thing. Without having to consider that old corrosion now makes my life a great deal better. Have actually a good day and God-bless you-all. "

    R. Ford - Brand New Port Richey, FL

  • "Its infrequently that personally i think compelled to create to a supplier. I will be a pool fix contractor with 29 years knowledge. I've been utilizing E-Z Patch fix kits for more than 10 years with great success. I like that i could carry repair kits in stock to solve three to four various problems at any given time, and have always been capable avoid the costly callbacks to perform work. Maintain the good work and thanks for your entire great a few ideas."

    The Poolman - San Diego, CA

  • "I have used E-Z items line of services and products since 1984 and continue using all of them as they are the very best. We strongly recommend their products. I especially make use of their particular E-Z Patch #1F.S. Quick Set Pool Plaster Repair, E-Z Patch # 2 Pooldeck Repair, E-Z Patch # 7 Rebar Rust fix, E-Z Patch #22 Silicone Rubber set/grout for share tile, E-Z Patch #24 Elastomeric break Preventer, E-Z Pooldeck Coating and E-Z Patch #23 Rubber Expansion Joint Sealant."
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