Self Cleaning Pools

September 22, 2022

brians-poolI happened to be seeing some buddies on the weekend in Phoenix, and noticed his pool become just a little dark and cloudy.

“Yeah, it went green 2-3 weeks ago – we shocked it, but I can’t obtain the water to clear”, Brian stated.

We tested the water, found the chlorine level becoming zero. Brian has a SWG (salt liquid generator), so we went to the machine. The sodium amount inside share ended up being slightly low, however by quite definitely. “When’s the last time you cleaned the salt cellular?” I asked.

As he appeared as if slightly guilty, we loosened the unions in the salt cellular and took a look within the chamber. Arizona is known for hard water, so when we found calcium deposits between the plates of the salt cell, it was no surprise.

Cleaning your Salt Cell

Calcium is obviously drawn to the electrically charged dishes, as soon as they build-up too-much, it blocks the power for electrolysis to occur. Over time, a lot of build up on salt cellular can permanently damage the coatings on the dishes, resulting in cellular failure.

Numerous new share salt systems tend to be self-cleaning. An excellent feature, they do this by reversing the polarity or cost of this steel dishes, repelling the attracted mineral deposits, which is swept away because of the rushing liquid, before it could put on an oppositely recharged plate.

We cleaned Brian’s sodium cell by filling a tiny bucket with 1 gallon of water, blended with 1 cup of muriatic acid. We submerged the cell in container and left it for ten minutes, then returned and flipped it over for a couple even more moments.

We then flushed the mobile utilizing the hose, and may see clearly through the mobile – your deposits have been successfully eliminated. A while later, we dumped the acid solution in to the pool. We then shocked the share with granular chlorine to increase the chlorine quickly – it was after all, 108 degrees exterior.

Some things never to accomplish whenever cleansing your sodium cell.

  1. Don’t soak the mobile in acid for too much time, over 20 mins.
  2. Don’t raise the acid energy, use a 15:1 solution.
  3. Don’t make use of metal resources to clean off sodium cellular build up.
  4. Don’t clean the sodium cellular if it’s not visibly coated.

The number one upkeep item for a salt water chlorinator will be clean the sodium cell frequently, every 2-6 months, but only as needed. Calcium deposits bridge the room between the metal plates, and not soleley in hard liquid places.After the salt cell cleansing, we reconnected the unions and switched the filter pump back on, and noticed the shine of the “No Flow” signal regarding the control board. We examined the cable from sensor towards control panel, which looked great, therefore was also linked in to the panel snugly. Time for you to check and clean the movement sensor.

Cleaning the Flow Sensor

Although uncommon, in hard water areas, the circulation sensor may develop build up in the terminals. A flow sensor is employed with salt systems to make sure that liquid flow is sufficient for operation. They even typically sense water temperature plus the sodium amount in pool, such as the 3 sensor shown right here.

After eliminating the sensor from the tee fitting, I scrubbed it with the textured part of a meal sponge, to completely clean all 3 sensor probes, or spots on underside. We reinserted the sensor to the pipe and turned every little thing straight back on – nonetheless got the “No Flow” error!

We understood there was circulation, considering that the pump was on, and there was clearly 15 psi regarding filter force gauge. “Time to completely clean the filter cartridges?” I inquired. He said he usually waits until 20 psi to clean, but “sure, we can try that”. Therefore, we pulled from filter cartridges and took them up to the tone, had a seat to hose all of them off – they were very dirty.

Reinserted the filters, and began the machine support. Pressure measure nevertheless read 15 psi, until I flicked it with my finger, and then it dropped to 10 pounds. We found the atmosphere bleeder set up was clogged with dirt, offering false readings.

Winter Salt Cell Maintenance

You may not understand this, but the majority salt cells won’t work well in water temperatures not as much as 60 levels. This is exactly why, they might have difficulty generating adequate chlorine in winter months, for sunbelt swimming pools. They can also be overworked in such temperatures, causing a shorter lifespan.

In case your sunbelt pool temperature falls into the fifties, it might be best to shut off the sodium system and use another chlorination strategy, like chlorine tablets, before the water gets hotter once again.

For pools when you look at the snowbelt, it might be suggested to get rid of the sodium cellular after blowing the outlines, and store it indoors. The sensor may also be eliminated, or it could be covered with synthetic for winter.

Various Other Salt Cell Maintenance Tips

Don’t overwork your sodium mobile – keep your chlorine amount only you ought to keep clean and obvious share liquid.

Maintain your pH balanced, if below 7.2, it can etch the sodium cell, while above 7.6, it will reduce steadily the chlorine’s effectiveness.

Keep consitently the sodium amount right within the pool. You’ll need to include more salt a few times per year.

Pool Salt techniques are realtime savers, but they do need periodic upkeep to keep all of them working properly, and prolong the life span of salt cellular.

Fundamentally, you’ll need a fresh sodium cellular. You’ll know it is time once the chlorine output drops to lower levels, despite a clear cellular and sensor, proper liquid balance, salt levels and water temperature.

If you have any questions on sodium chlorinator maintenance, leave an opinion below, or offer anybody of your salty pool dogs a necessitate some assistance!

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