Pool Cleaning Gold Coast

September 21, 2022
Pool Cleaning Gold Coast
Western Hills, CA 91308

(818) 857-0508

After 30+ many years, our share was at need of repair and remodeling. Heinz came out immediately to offer united states an estimate. We moved forward and performed the job which involved emptying the share, replacing the tile, getting rid of the old plaster, remodeling a former spa section, and finishing with a beautiful pebble finish. The work ended up being completed in the period of time he promised, even with a few times of rain wait. Heinz ended up being on location frequently to oversee the work and communicated around frequently. We are happy with all the job, and recommend this company.

Gold Coast I did so a fantastic job and lately my share doesn't look proficient at all. Anybody have a recommendation for an improved pool

Therefore it is been 6 months since Mike setup an innovative new pool pump for me personally. The reason why did I wait? Really, we waited until we got the rebate when it comes to update. Nevertheless, I happened to be happy aided by the job he did. He emerged whenever anticipated and done the job rapidly. He additionally gave me everything I needed for my rebate. The work was clean and full. While I supplied the equinemeant, Mike showed myself how to use it before he left. I would recommend Gold Coast.

Much like the reviews say!! All good!!! Heinz got the work done repaired my heater no stress to replace what wasn't needed and Iam back business. Thanks A Lot Gold Coast

What a great knowledge. My telephone call ended up being returned within hours. The task to-be done was plainly explained and done just as prepared. All employees were courteous and respectful. From starting to end this task was professional and effortless. Cannot say enough positive things about Gold Coast Pool and Spa.

Heinz is a master craftsman and knows his stuff. The pebble share he installed in our home is spectacular and now we cannot wait to use it during the warm months. He additionally fixed the share light which hadn't worked in 50 many years and installed a filter as well as correcting most cement that was broken around the share. Their prices are terrific and his work speaks for it self. I would suggest Heinz to my friends and household.

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