Roll on plaster for Pools

July 25, 2021
Roll-On Pool Plaster

Sider-Proof FF-PR – Roll-On Cement Pool Plaster! A sophisticated technology in cement-based pool plaster for plaster pools and easy-to-apply. Furthermore built to layer and waterproof water-falls, fountains & concrete ponds. This layer is NOT a paint but a genuine cement-based plaster You can also make use of Sider-Proof FF-PR for programs in water-falls & water-features. Sider-Proof FF-PR is packed as a kit and has now been created to pay for small hairline splits within the plaster or surface.

Customer Testimonial:

Hi, i simply wished to say thanks for the help and guidance during our project. We have been very pleased with just how every little thing turned-out. We love the colour. We have never ever patched, tiled, or plastered a pool. Please feel free to make use of myself for a referral. If you want any, i'd be pleased to send you even more images soon after we clean the deck and finish our project.

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