Pool return line leak

February 11, 2020
Here is the Fenco coupler

Verified Pipe Injection Tech which makes Tough Work SIMPLE

PipeFuze is a polymer based underground pipe restoration shot system that was built to fix plumbing system (suction or force part) lines without the need to slice the concrete, asphalt or discover the line.

How it operates

PipeFuze is a 2 part low-pressure injection system which contains the

Part A – Polymer & Filler – The polymer and filler is a distinctive mixture of our
proprietary polymer which when inserted, fills and seals leakages in PVC,
Copper, Galvanized Steel, Clay or just about any other sort of plumbing system material.

Part B – Catalyst (Hardener) – The catalyst is injected after the polymer
and filler. The catalyst (hardener) types a molecular bond using
polymer and locks it in position creating a bond during the section of the drip.

The Injection Process

Liquid is inserted in to the dripping range through a pump and blending container
supplied with a shot rig. One other end associated with pipe has actually a return feed
that is hooked up to a hose and operates back to the pump container.
After a continuous movement is made Part A (Polymer & Filler) is
introducted through stress rig. The leak should end virtually
immediately but the pump still must constantly set you back lock the
material positioned.

About ten full minutes following the polymer is added, the catalyst
(Hardener) is put into the container. The pump must operate for 60 minutes when it comes to
two services and products to totally bond within area of the drip. After 1 hour,
the shot rig could be eliminated plus the range can then be either force

Source: www.pipefuze.com
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