Swimming pool Crack repair

April 17, 2018
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AquaStitch from AquaBond is a revolutionary concrete crack restoration system designed to completely support and repair architectural splits in concrete, gunite and shotcrete swimming pools and pool porches. Not only simple staples… AquaStitch technical stitches give cracked share concrete a long-lasting fix that is both mechanically AND structurally noise!

The reason why AquaStitch Is The Best Concrete Break Fix Way Of Swimming Pools and Pool Decks:
AquaStitch combines unique, specially-machined technical stitches with AquaBond’s non-sag Concrete Repair Compound CR-2100-250, a high-strength, two-part structural epoxy. The stitches and fix ingredient work together to give you incredible load transfer and weight up against the structural share break growing bigger.

The result? An incredible mix of energy and huge cost savings in both installation time and price in comparison with other fix methods for cracked concrete pools and share porches!

Exactly How Our Concrete Crack Repair Stitches Work:
The precision-engineered AquaStitch anchoring method is made of a threaded stud with an outwardly flared cone-shaped end. Tightening the nut up against the specially-machined end plate compresses the stud and its own sleeve, wedging it securely outward in to the tangible base material.

Source: aquabondadhesives.com
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