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October 6, 2016
Johnny Johnson s Pool Care

After much trouble and last-minute rescheduling on their part, we met with the owner to discuss putting a pool in our lawn. He had been good and talked around a long time by what we desired and don't wish. He said however have somebody come out to just take measurements so we would hear back with a bid.

We didn't hear for 2 months, then went on vacation and forgot about any of it for about monthly. When I found the company card I provided them a call to see what had happened. The one who replied the telephone stated she'd look into it and give us a call back. To her credit, she performed, but we had been maybe not house so she left a note stating which they had didn't bid on our task. Which was it. No apology.

I labeled as back again to get more details and was basically informed which they had been too busy to bid on our project (nice for them!) and ended up being again offered no apology for wasting my time bothering to meet up with whatsoever, or for declining to bid and not informing us, or even for maybe not apologizing for almost any of that!

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