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May 7, 2017
CPO Classes

This 3 hour training course is a great place to start for just about any HVAC technician. All talent levels tend to be welcome. We discuss the various kinds of air-conditioning methods and just how they work. This course in addition covers preventative maintenance together with troubleshooting abilities had a need to work with a multi-unit facility.

The discussion inside course will include:

  • Electrical and technical elements
  • Protection processes
  • Fundamental refrigeration cycle
  • Schematic designs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Limitations put because of the EPA and others
  • Troubleshooting typical problems
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Air-con Refrigerant Provider

This 3 time class is actually for students with some HVAC knowledge. This program covers practical use of the rules and regulations learned in EPA certification.

Please be aware: It is highly suggested that pupils hold about a sort II certification to attend this class. A number of the repair works which are talked about can just only be done by a professional Technician.

At the end of this class students can:

  • Recognize and describe the use of common resources needed for refrigerant
  • Describe the healthiness of the refrigerant whilst goes through a system
  • Link and remove fittings to do a de-minimus launch
  • Describe the procedure to recuperate refrigerant
  • Describe security tools and processes
  • Determine the most typical grounds for low-charge
  • Utilize a Superheat or Subcool Chart (offered) to ascertain proper charging of a product
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Conservation Maintenance

This 3 time class addresses upkeep techniques that conserve energy, liquid and our environment. Techniques for repairs that continue conservation in mind are at the forefront of discussion in this class.

Subjects of discussion is going to be:

  • Lighting options
  • Fixes to make plumbing work accessories more efficient
  • Conservation of, and options to, chemical usage
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This 3 time course is a summary of electricity and just how it works. We trace the road of the electrical energy through the home meter through the complete structure. Topics covered feature: safety, nationwide Electrical Code awareness, OSHA understanding, electric panel service, & common electric product installation, and troubleshooting.

During the conclusion of this class pupils will be able to:

  • Define common electric terms
  • Identify typical utilizes of nationwide electric Code
  • Discuss and describe safe working techniques
  • Describe common examinations with a multimeter (voltage, amperage, and ohms)
  • Explain the differences when considering AC and DC power
  • Describe the need for a circuit
  • Troubleshoot lighting and settings
  • Describe the proper installing of typical residential electric products
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EPA area 608 - planning & official certification Testing

Program Fee: $99.00 (recharged because of the ESCO Institute, Inc. for grading and official certification. Fee due at the beginning of the class.)

This 6 time course is the opportunity for students to be certified because of the EPA to acquire and handle refrigerant. a technician must fulfill this necessity being use refrigerant utilized in domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

This class is taught with an open-ended structure that begins with a review of the preparation manual. After this analysis is completed the test will undoubtedly be administered by a proctor for ESCO Institute prior to EPA tips. Upon completion for the test the student is dismissed for the day.

The review will take care of every one of the information necessary for the student to quickly attain a passing score on all 4 chapters of the exam.

(please be aware: This class isn't meant to instruct any of the hands-on abilities expected to fix refrigerant systems. It's centered on discovering the guidelines and laws surrounding refrigerant with the objective being certification.)

On instruction web site, please notify your trainer of your way of repayment:

  • Billed to Account
  • Always Check
  • Cash Order

Each participant needs to order an EPA Certification Exam planning Book about three days prior to the class. The EPA official certification Exam prep Book will never be offered by it website. Each participant are going to be expected to completely read and learn the material within the guide before class. EPA official certification test Preparation Books can be found in English and Spanish.

Purchase your EPA exam preparation guide today.

What you need to provide class:

  • EPA Official Certification Exam Prep Book
  • Driver license or any image ID
  • Social safety number
  • Payment — check, cash purchase, or completed billing authorization type
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EPA Section 608 - Certification Testing Only

Program Fee: $99.00 Due on test day

This 3 hour class provides EPA Certification Testing Only. Students should arrive prepared make the test. Upon completion of test the student is dismissed during the day.

Kindly notify your trainer of your method of repayment:

Please purchase your EPA exam preparation guide today.

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Heating - Gas and Electric

This 3 hour course shows professionals the basic principles of warming systems. It covers both electric and gasoline controls-how they work on air handler type methods. Controls on other forms of methods may be discussed in the pupil's request.

At the completion of this training course the student can:

  • Install a lock-out/tag-out
  • Follow safe working methods for heating repairs
  • Describe the procedure of standard electric and fuel heating systems
  • Identify and explain the procedure of standard the different parts of warming systems
  • Understand dilemmas connected with propane
  • Explain the movement and employ of electrical energy to regulate and run warming systems
  • Understand the significance of preventative maintenance
  • Describe and determine threats related to carbon monoxide
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Hotel Preventative Repair

This 3 hour class discusses the significance of preventative maintenance whenever operating a hotel. Common processes and repair works will be reviewed.

  • Security
  • Just how preventative upkeep relates to guest perception
  • The importance of record maintaining
  • Typical preventative maintenance tasks in spaces and exactly how to execute them
  • Inspections and exactly how to do them
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