Concrete pool patch

May 31, 2020
Las Vegas Pool Deck Repair

AquaBond Gunite Pool Fix Items:

Gunite Pool Adhesive and Sealant Products That Blend, Utilize & Cure Underwater:

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant, is available in your choice of clear or white shade, rendering it perfect for underwater sealing of share plaster or any other gunite finishes where color matching would ordinarily be needed. It may be applied to large surface areas, whether on pool floors or part wall space, and provides a strong, versatile, invisible, waterproof seal down seriously to 1/5000 depth.

is a solid, very versatile underwater glue that provides durable results. Available in off-white or gray, it provides a clean finish — which makes it well suited for patching and repairing gunite splits in places which can be noticeable.

AquaBond Gunite Pool Fix Items For Dry Application Conditions:

is paintable and sandable, making it well suited for repairing thin splits in gunite on horizontal surfaces in which touch-up artwork could be essential.

Whenever repairs are essential on vertical surfaces inside the gunite pool construction, this product delivers a superior finish that's paintable and sandable.

is among the best and fastest repair products readily available for structural leaks and tile restoration, if the fix is happening on a straight or horizontal surface. Because it hardens in five minutes and is a non-sag glue, it creates for fast and simple gunite pool repair works.

was created to completely support and fix significant architectural splits in gunite pool walls and share porches. It combines special, specially-machined mechanical stitches with your CR-2100-250 anchoring epoxy to revive tensile energy across cracks — re-establishing compression and stabilizing the dwelling, even on outwardly curved surfaces.

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