Silver Springs Resort Orlando

September 20, 2022
Silver Lake Resort (Kissimmee
7751 Ebony Lake Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34747

(800) 694-2285

Great Resort. Area is central towards the areas. We utilized Uber and Lift plus it cost $20-30 every day to go to the parks. No car needed. Staff are friendly and meet your every need. Products were excellent with all hotels.

This place is filled up with thieves. Some1 from housekeeping really stole my shoes and an excellent necklace (perhaps not valuable by cash). Now I cannot hold my footwear and necklace inside the locker. if it is the situation, i would and maintain the whole suitcase in the secured (which will be not possible). If you value your things, don't click here. Once I contacted all of them, they actually said they have not found my footwear. I became not phoning all of them to inquire of about my footwear, I became phoning all of them to tell them among their workers stole it. Disgusting spot.

The spouse and I came her on our timeshare for a week. This was a good place that individuals strongly recommend. We had a two room condo about 1200 plus sqft to ourselves. It had a large stand i am shower and an independent jacuzzi pipe. The water turns from boiling hot to cool instantly, which was great once you wanted to flake out in a hot bath after a lengthy day at the parks. It requires not as much as ten full minutes to get at any Magic Kingdom parks with ease. The share area had been good and.

Let me make it clear the story of how we tried to get into our area... and discovered another person within our bedroom!!! We booked a four night stay at Silver Lake Resorts back April and examined in on a Thursday. Right after checking in we visited our space, watched tv for a little, and took a brief nap. During our quick stay we noticed that the wall space had been paper thin and now we could hear every little thing our next-door neighbor had been saying and everybody our next-door neighbor's television had been saying. Something to note is the fact that we also had an extra reservation at a DisneyWorld Resort Hotel so we mainly remained there through the extent of our holiday. On our final time we came back to Silver Lake Resorts to be sure our space was tidy and clean before checking out (since they'll ask you for if even just one towel is lacking), and we realized that our secret was not working. We starting knocking in the home and understood that someone was at our space! They had packed blankets in to the door crack and had been resting around. How could something similar to this take place?! thank heavens we had beenn't applying this room! Imagine if all of our things was at truth be told there and somebody else had use of our space! I instantly labeled as leading desk and so they send they would deliver someone straight away. We waited very nearly thirty minutes and nobody emerged. We finally got fed up with waiting and decided to go to leading work desk. I was mad that these types of one could occur and cannot also recognize their particular blunder and even you will need to apologize. All they kept saying had been that they did not know what took place and that they cannot explain it. When we're examined into a-room, exactly how worldwide could they check in another celebration in to the exact same space? Should not our space have been marked as consumed their particular system? Despite whining they did not provide to pay anything for me personally, and it also was only once I left the premises that the supervisor labeled as me and refunded my measly $20 housekeeping fee. I mightn't recommend this location to any person.

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