Best Florida Resort Pools

December 20, 2021
TradeWinds Island Resorts

The relaxed elegance of Naples Grande is mirrored in poolside splendor complemented by luxurious solutions and features for refreshing and fun-filled Naples, Florida getaways.

Our Mangrove Pool ensures heightened delights for your family having its spectacular waterslide*. Turning 100 feet around a rock tower through landscaped waterfalls, this astounding whitewater wonder surges 800 gallons each and every minute. The Mangrove Pool offers a beach design entry rendering it the ideal place for younger kids, since the water slowly deepens from simply ins to approximately three foot.

  • 100 base turning waterslide (Guests must be at the very least 48" to savor the waterslide. Single riders just please.)
  • Beach-style entry for younger resort visitors

Seek refuge from sunlight in just one of our personal cabanas encircling the Palm Terrace Pool, exclusive for adults looking to escape to a personal escape. Enclosed by stunning bougainvillea and stylish artwork, visitors can unwind in the whirlpool or cool down in refreshing person share.

  • Exclusively for adult guests
  • Whirlpool
  • Personal cabanas available, providing an individual cabana concierge and including two plush deluxe chaise lounges, endless water in bottles and ice, good fresh fruit, a dining table with sitting for four, refrigerator and pantry space.

Hibiscus Hideway is tucked nicely amongst the outdoors Villa courtyards and offers a secluded experiences for friends trying to enjoy liquid aerobics and lap swimming.

  • Located on the East region of the tower, enclosed by lush landscaping
  • Well suited for lap and lane swimming
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