Pool Cleaning instructions

November 26, 2023
How to vacuum a pool DIY
  • Alaglas pools, by design, use tiny levels of chemical substances.
  • Basically, all chemicals you may need are:
  • 3” chlorine tablets (not dust)
  • Big package of cooking soft drink
  • A few bags of surprise
  • One container of clarifier
  • Added (1) 3” chlorine tablet inside enclosed share floater unit roughly once a week.
  • Use regular cooking soft drink to manage pH and complete alkalinity.
  • Placed surprise or shock-it within the share for preliminary start and when the water needs an instant
  • In the event that water is clean, but cloudy – use liquid clarifier.
  • Try not to fight your share. The chemical balance will vary on hot sunny times, rainy times,
    after cool nights, etc… make an effort to average your liquid testing.
  • Manual Vacuum Guidelines

  • Connect the cleaner mind and skim vacuum to each end of this hose. Connect the pole towards the
    cleaner head and place every thing to the share. Take the skim cleaner and hold it over
    one filter return forcing water into the hose to prime. After it is primed, position the
    skim machine to the skimmer and machine the pool. Make sure to keep the container when you look at the
  • Move the machine mind gradually across the base associated with pool.
  • Repair Do’s

  • Hold Danger/ No scuba diving stickers from the share plus in good fix.
  • When you yourself have a sand filter, back wash the filter every 7-10 times or when force is high.
    Keep the skimmer basket and pump container clean.
  • Once a year, drop water degree six inches and wax water make and across the top
    with a good grade of auto wax.
  • Utilize 409 for stains or scum lines. For stubborn stains, use a typical polishing mixture,
    then use two coats of wax over compounded places.
  • Freezing will likely not harm the fiberglass pool, to leave it complete and running in
    winter season. Ensure that the pump and filter and any water features are working
    ANYTIME the heat falls below 32 levels.
  • Run your pump constantly or make use of a timekeeper to operate the pump 6-8 hours each day during
    share period.
  • Direct the nozzles to be able to develop a flow of liquid in a circular motion.
  • When you yourself have a sand filter, right back wash the filter once the nozzles drop pressure.
  • Keep carefully the basket in the skimmer clean.
  • Repair Dont’s

  • Don't use any acid wash on fiberglass pools. Utilize non-abrasive cleansers including 409 to
    clean waterline deposits.
  • Don’t usage any abrasive cleansers like Comet or Ajax. These will damage the gelcoat
    area. No Brillo pads or comparable scrape shields is utilized both.
  • Don’t strain the share at any time unless associated with your supplier or without Alaglas’
    knowledge and/or help.
  • Don’t place chemicals into the pool. After diluting them, add all chemical substances into the
  • Source: alaglasofcharleston.com
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