Lake Eve at The Fountains

November 18, 2019
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Hello fellow tourists. It’s already been about 1 week since going back home from our adventure to Blue Green’s The Fountains Resort in Orlando. I purposely took time for you to compose this analysis to offer the perfect report to my household’s experience truth be told there. For those of you thinking about or caught being forced to go on certainly one of their particular time express presentations, please pay attention and heed some advice. In the long run you will save yourself, time, cash and frustration.

Before I start, I would ike to present some history. Blue Green Resorts is like other time share resort designers around. They is present exclusively to part you against you wages, by hook, crook and any indicates needed. They don’t attention when you can pay for their particular over-priced and undervalued units, they simply want to get finances. My wife and I had formerly gotten swept up in this plan with another well-known rip-off business, Westgate Resorts in Orlando. Please review that analysis for a laugh.

It took myself over 24 months to have us from that nightmare, and I also swore not to be duped once more. Now quickly ahead 8 many years, and my spouse had again finalized united states up for another “tour” with Blue Green. During a call to Bass professional stores in Dallas two months straight back, she spotted a booth setup inside and decided to explore on her behalf very own, or rather was drawn in by the typical sales pitch. Before i really could respond over time to quit the girl, she had already compensated the $199 for the trip. God bless her, but that's the past time I leave the lady alone when these vampires tend to be hiding about. Anyway the pitch was similar with an offer of a $25 Bass professional present card that day, plus a free 5-6 evening vacation and a Blue Green Resort, 3-4 night cruise with Carnival and another $25 present card on completion regarding the tour.

After arriving home, we study the contract details into the provide, and one about any of it was really off. Specifically I was thinking and later verified we in reality would NOT be staying in a Blue Green Resort, but rather at somebody motel. Only the trip would be held within their presentation center during the Fountains. The wording is carefully misleading when questioned right the reservationist informed it would be at a 2 star motel. Later research proved this might are an emergency as that home had really serious problems. I was not planning to ruin my vacation or money, and so I took one other option that has been to pay for $300 to update to a 2 room product at Fountains resort.

The Great

Ok therefore let’s rapidly review the couple of good attributes about any of it resort. For example it is extremely centrally located on International Drive. There’s a Golden Corral buffet style restaurant within ½ mile, and SeaWorld & Aquatica are not as much as 1 ½ mile away. The I-Drive trolley prevents just outside of the gate, and there’s a CVS, Walgreens and Publix marketplace within a few mins’ drive. The complex itself is somewhat confusing, but there’s an activities center, liquid slip for young ones, and 3-4 swimming pools. Although largest pool utilizing the water fall could be a little bit of a headache to arrive at depending upon which building you’re keeping. In the club residence you'll find a swim up bar, fitness center, Starbucks and Arcade. Lastly there is certainly a Pizza Hut and Bennihana’s restaurant on-site if you don’t feel like cooking.

The Bad

Although check-in was kinda quick and uneventful, those arriving for time share presentation are asked to approve they truly are hitched, have great credit and leave a credit card imprint. We immediately smelled a rat on slow broil. Why did they want this? Even going so far as to inquire about exactly how much my children earnings ended up being. Truly? Feels like someone starting to begin cooking an advertising and product sales plan. We protested offering this tips, but was told it absolutely was required or forfeit our booking. Okay therefore I offered in not planning to up root my loved ones when you look at the clutch. Plus my sister in law was to join united states later that night whenever her trip appeared from Toronto.

After the mild protest we were provided a map and shown exactly what building we would stay. We had been assigned product 1205 in building 1. Building 1 is apparently the building that place all sales leads. Appears to me they are doing this maintain you from becoming tainted by the owners (suckers) that has currently drank the kool-aide. As soon as we stepped from the elevator onto our flooring, we knew the fun ended up being planning to start. Initial thing of note had been the instead nasty odor regarding the hallway. As we rounded the spot to our area, we found the foundation, the garbage chute door had been open, and appeared as if it hadn’t already been washed within a few days. Rugs into the hallway dirty, and even the wall space and house windows were screaming for interest.

Entering the room itself was better, as initially it appeared well-stocked with towels, clean sheets, utensils and toiletries. It absolutely was spacious for a household of 5. The master bedroom had a king sized bed, with 2 queens into the 2nd room. The master shower had a jetted tub which actually worked and was comfy. Unfortunately we discovered the next dilemmas.
• family room rugs filthy
• family area floor lamps not working
• sofa-bed Frame damaged and curved beyond usefulness
• Sofa filthy, dated and torn
• Oven will not get hot and broiler drawer won’t close precisely (identify pic)
• Trash on balcony
• Broken base boards in 2nd bed room
• Walls noted up with shoe/foot prints
And this ended up being simply the first day. Calls to guest solutions were typical, they pretend to care but actually make no energy to meet customers. This in as well as itself is truly stupid to me considering that the people entering this building are the sales customers. Hey Blue Green, are you aware “first impressions tend to be lasting impressions?” Should this be the thing I see the moment We open the doorway, then the reason why in God’s title will I would you like to fork over my money!

Only an instant aside. I’ve read a number of the various other reviews on this resort, and want to tells those who’ve never remained at any given time share or condotel that properties such as these cannot offer everyday housemaid or room solutions. They only clean the room pre and post you leave. Also things such as extra towels must be demanded before you give money. Don’t get trapped using flash these locations show on top. Research your facts and research before you reserve. You will lay aside yourself over time.

Okay back into Funny Central. Maybe not planning to wait or rely upon visitor solutions to help, I solved the stove issue myself. I'd to reset the over controls, by unplugging it, and hitting the reset button. And I also brute required the cabinet to close as it had been off track. We have the ability to salvage the first day with time for my sister in law arrival.

The Absurd

The next day had been time the game program. Unfortunately for us, we had been given a 1 pm time for you show up for our time share presentation. Although all say it is a 90 moment presentation, expect them to final 4-8 hours depending on the business, and how poor you enable you to ultimately be. Since my children had formerly already been burned by Westgate Resorts, we began investigating techniques in order to avoid the same prior to our travel. I highly encourage anyone considering a period share doing the same.

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